Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New JoxYear 2013

Happy New JoxYear 2013 ! ! !

These are our planned releases for spring 2013.
You've heard it before and you can hear it again!

Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS - 
What About Me? 
(Santos Productions January 2013)

Joxfield ProjeX - 
Invasion of the Living 
(Santos Productions January 2013)

AmbientDarkWhite - 
Death of a Sirloin Steak Vol 1 
(Santos Productions Spring 2013)

AmbientDarkWhite - 
Death of a Sirloin Steak Vol 2 
(Santos Productions Spring 2013)

AmbientDarkWhite - 
Death of a Sirloin Steak Vol 3 
(Santos Productions Spring 2013)

And what the heck is AmbientDarkWhite? Well, nothing else but a moniker for some Joxfield ProjeX experimental, ambient/dark ambient music of various kind. Stuff you thought you could live without, but once hearing it you realise it's impossible and you need more. And there will always be more.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS - Invaluable Moments Pt 1 - The Video

For those of you who can't wait any longer for the Santos Productions January release of Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS album What About Me? - We give you the video of the first track!!!
Master of moving pictures is György AltRev Farkas
Sounds & Visions by Joxfield ProjeX & colonhel XS 2012

We wish you a Droneish, Dark & White Christmas ! ! !

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Jox-Mas 2012 Pranksters!!!!!

Merry Jox-Mas Pranksters!!!

Soon there's a new year heading unless you're not too addicted to the Maya calender.
If we're still alive there will be a fruitful spring associated to Joxfield with a bunch of new releases:

Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS - 
What About Me? 
(Santos Productions January 2013)

Joxfield ProjeX - 
Invasion of the Living 
(Santos Productions January 2013)

AmbientDarkWhite - 
Death of a Sirloin Steak Vol 1 
(Santos Productions Spring 2013)

AmbientDarkWhite - 
Death of a Sirloin Steak Vol 2 
(Santos Productions Spring 2013)

AmbientDarkWhite - 
Death of a Sirloin Steak Vol 3 
(Santos Productions Spring 2013)

And what the heck is AmbientDarkWhite? Well, nothing else but a moniker for some Joxfield ProjeX experimental, ambient/dark ambient music of various kind. Stuff you thought you could live without, but once hearing it you realise it's impossible and you need more. And there will always be more...

So, cheer up, if there's a future, there will be hope for us all!

Beware - Be aware!


Fire! Orchestra - Mighty Exit Version from Minor Big Band

Nevertheless - something to spend during Xmas..
To good to sleep around on Youtube...

And in January the Big Big Bad version of Fire! Orchestra will be present at Nef in Gothenburg. Yes!!!!


Friday, December 7, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS - What About Me?

Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS - What About Me? 

First announcement!

What About Me? - The result of the fruitful collaboration between Joxfield ProjeX and colonel XS will be released in January 2013 on Santos Productions.
Limited edition CDR.

Dronish, noisy, aggressive, beautiful!

Beware - Be aware - Keep updated!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mighty Great Review by Recent Music Heroes

Joxfield ProjeX - Insult on the Dance Floor (2012)

/Krautrock, Ambient, Trance rock, Progressive rock, Motorik, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Alternative dance, Industrial rock, Psychedelia/  

Comment: Swedish duo Joxfield ProjeX (Oax, and Yan) arrived after a series of excellent albums issued on Clinical Archives and seminal collaborations with progressive rock luminaries (Pat Mastelotto, Geoff Leigh, Kenji Siratori). This time their brand new one is distinctly related to their personal Tin Can Music. There is plenty of experimental music tendencies out there prompted in part by reconstruction of space rock/ambient rock and krautrock-based elements and in part by dance-appealed propulsions, however, all of that is effectively disseminated and thereafter channelized into a formidable industrial tinged psychedelic groove. More specifically, intense hard rock riffs are seamlessly mixed up with electronic effects and mesmeric rhythm sections below it. OnlyFloating is the exception due to its blissed-out ambient and concrete sounds blended contemplation. There can be drawn parallels upon the likes of fydhws, Neu!, aboombong, PAS, Faust, Asian Women On The Telephone, Spacemen 3, Vibracathedral Orchestra etc. In conclusion, the whole is on the ball by any means (I got psychedelic vertigo by listening to it twice in a row). Obviously one of the most underrated collectives all around the world.

These are words we really like to read
So, mighty THANKS, Kert, from the 2 Bums

Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn Rain, Swans, Joxfield & Ornette

Just an ordinary Friday, a day off duty, an indoor day because the autumn rain in this Godforsaken city showers like it use to this time of the year. A good ol' Gothenburg Autumn Rainy Day.
Taking a slow, long breakfast, reading the morning paper, sipping the coffee, listening to music; the first CD of Swans' "The Seer", the 27+ minutes Joxfield ProjeX track "Mah No 1" from "Shimmering Mah No 1" (yes, download for free here:, Ornette Coleman's evocative "The Shape of Jazz to Come" from 1959 - one of the first free jazz albums. And next to come... well, no idea yet.
Bring the umbrella!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS - Promo Mix

 Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS - promo mix by colonel XS

the long awaited Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS collaboration is finally here!!!
c'mon labels, get in touch!
conceived and realized by Joxfield ProjeX & colonel XS
mastered by Marco Paschke at andereBaustelle tonstudio, Berlin
C + P 2012 all rights reserved

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lost Track # 5 - Gharbzadegi - Robert Wyatt

Who? Robert Wyatt
Where? Old Rottenhat (Rough Trade)
When? 1985
Why? Are we too old having idols? No, definitely not, especially not when one of them is the great RW, one of our most consisitng idols for over 40 years. The singing, the songmaking, the playing, the enviroment, in no specific order. So very much inspiring over the years, has always been, still is, will always be, as long as he and we lives.
Some of mid/late-eighties albums (Old Rottenhat, Dondestan, some EPs) are a bit over-looked today, in my personal opinion. It's just like "me 'n' my voice 'n' my simple keyboard 'n' some simple persussion, recorded or programmed". But, there's nothing simple about it, no matter it's not a full orchestra involved. It's the EXPRESSION, close to your heart and your mind, that matters
"Gharbzadegi" is the second last song of the album, and the longest, lasting for almost 8 minutes. Just Robert singing solo or in harmony with himself, and the keyboard and the percussion. Just that. And it's magic, it's big music, a very beauitiful hymn.
What does the title mean? Well, it's Persian and Robert's singing it: "Gharbzadegi means nothing to me Westernitis to you".
And regarding Robert, there are millions of reason coming back to him, be sure I will.

The Secret of Behaviour

Yan and Oax doing.... yes, what?
There's always a reason not to tell a story. The less you know the better.
But if you could hear them saying anything they would have said:

Yan: This is where it happened!
Oax: I deny everything. It's just slander.

Picture by TC3


Friday, July 20, 2012

"Wake Up" by Craig Linke

Wake Up from Craig Linke on Vimeo.

Once Craig Linke, an Australian experimental film maker, made a request to us about using one of our tunes for a film. Of course we said Yes to it.
Then I realised after a couple of years I'd forgotten about it and wrote a mail about what happened.
He answered quickly: 


I did make the film and I'm quite proud of it! I entered it into a
festival but wasn't selected.
After that it kind of got left which is a bit of a shame. But your
email prompted me to upload it to Vimeo. You can see it here:
Enjoy and thanks again.  

And I just agree, enjoy. It reminds me of some short film I once saw that was made in the early 20th century by people such as Man Ray and Jean Cocteau.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

And don't forget...

...Yep, don't forget, today's Bloomsday!

JJ & The 1st Edition of THE Book.

Bloomsday is the day on which James Joyce mighty masterpiece Ulysses is set in Dublin, on 16th of June 1904.
So, all of you (or the few of you?) who haven't been there, in the book, just go get it, read it, the avant garde of bookishness. Once there you'll never come back again...

NOW some time for vacation (see previous post)

Memories on Vacation - Goes Underground

Time for some vacation! Let's go underground, or more precisely, let's go under ground; digging deep in the soil in the garden, cutting the grass, reading, eating, drinking, socialize, etc, etc.
So, there will be a couple of weeks of staying away from this blog.
But don't worry we'll  be back sooner than you wish.
Meanwhile, don't forget your daily dose of Joxfield ProjeX - a couple of tunes a day keeps the bad temper away. That's a well-known truth.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Oax Pick - Don Ellis - Indian Lady (1968 footage)

I'm not much of a big band guy, but when hearing Don Ellis' band in the very early 70's, the "Tears of Joy" album, I was stuck. His albums from the late 60's, early 70's are some of the best and pointing forward big band albums from that era in my opinion. And Don Ellis electrified his trumpet and modulated it years before Miles did. And Miles is a huge personal hero!
There are very few vids from that time. Here's a wonderful piece recorded live in 1968, "Indian Lady", from the "Autumn" album.
And the time signatures are as always - odd.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX – Insult on the Dance Floor

A new release on Tin Can Music net label ! ! !

Joxfield ProjeX - Insult on the Dance Floor (Tin Can Music IOTDF 2012)

With music still keeping some heavy rough and dark moods the intention of this album is to offer some uplifting lightness and joy to the listeners, bring them loads of swirling sounds that even might bring them up on the dance floor for some horror moves in a futuristic dance exercise. 
The music is as intense, electric and beautiful as ever.

This is Joxfield ProjeX’ 15th release and the second on own netlabel imprint Tin Can Music.

Joxfield ProjeX is a Swedish duo.
Yan plays keyboard, program heavy drums, add great sounds and samples here and there.
Oax plays guitar, ebow, gliss, add sampled percussion and sound effects where needed.
All music is recorded at Camp Batang, Stockholm and at Camp Anna, Gothenburg 2011-2012.
Cover art photographs by Henrik Schyffert – All rights reserved (Thanks a lot, Henrik!)
Production, sounds & visions by Joxfield ProjeX
This music should be played with full attention at any volume you like. 
You’re allowed to dance to it

Download for free from:



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's Up, John?

- I have no sponsorship at all, not backed up by some record companies and are therefore forced to personally ensure that the economic part circuit, which is a heavier work than you might think. But if you refuse to sell your soul the long way is the only way to go.

From a John Lydon interview on PiL in Nya Upplagan (New Issue), May 7th 2012.
Could have been about Joxfield, as well as many other Hard working "free" artists


Monday, June 4, 2012

Oceans 11, 12, 13 and.......... 52

Yesterday when I took a walk along the river shore I did pass a bench on which a guy was sitting, holding a big, home-made kite in his hands. It was windy, a bit too windy for a big kite to fly. I saw it was mounted some kind of camera in the middle of the kite.
I stoped for a couple of seconds, nodded a "Hi!" to him, he nodded back.
"A bit too windy for this?" I said and pointed at the kite.
"Yeah", he said, "I'm waiting for it to calm a bit".
"Taking photos?" I said, looking in the direction of the camera.
"Do you have a computer?" he asked.
"Yes, of course"
"Check on You Tube, I'm Oceans52" he said.
His origin was from Crete, Greece, and that's why the Swedish and Greece flag are on the kite.
And I did. Nothing spectacular, but a bit funny to see the result of his work. It seems like the video shown here is taken about 5 km south from where we met, but, I'm not all sure.

Oax Pick - Fire! with Oren Ambarchi - In The Mouth-A Hand

Fire! with Oren Ambarchi - In The Mouth-A Hand (2 LP 2012)

Four side-long blasters of vivid kraut-punk - Fantastic!!!!!!!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video-time!!! - Jerry Lewis Makes You Exhausted

Words for the karaoke sessions: I'm a little busy body though I know it's very shoddy, I insist on knowing what is going on with everybody, Cause I'm such a busy body Always prying always spying I'm defying anyone to try to hide the fact from me-- --Now Mrs. Jones is with the doctor and her pulse he's finally clocked her Suddenly she sees me peeking and to all her friends I'm shrieking, "Mrs. Jones' valve is leaking! a mechanic she is seeking cause the clutch needs overhauling and her motor's always stalling." Mrs. Jones, you lonesome gal, you finally lost your trade in value. Now we come to Mr. Clunk, He thinks that I'm a little punk! He's always keeping up with Jones, and while I tapped his telephone, I learned that they will disconnect if soon the bill they don't collect, the sheriff's gonna take it back-- his brand new shiny Cadillac. So now I pass the news around that "Mr. Clunk is bankrupt bound!" I'm ruining his credit and I know he won't forget it Though he thought I was a little punk that cabbage headed Mr. Clunk I got the bank to fume and fret! They took his home, and better yet they grabbed his television set because I'm such a busy body! I'm a little busy body! If you drink an extra Toddy I will spot it long before you thought it, I'll be pointing to your house and tellin' folks that you're a souse! So I admit I am a louse. It's so much fun to tell the neighbors that you're underneath the weather And they ought a get together Using you as an example to their kids of what a tramp'll do if he is off the wagon, now your reputation's draggin' Cause you took an extra Toddy. And I'm tellin' everybody that you're more than slightly dizzy Now I've got you in the tizzy Cause I'm such a very busy little busy body! I'm the death of every party. You should hear the things I say when Truth or Consequence we play! I state the age of Mrs. Done! I tell 'em she is sixty-one and that her face is lifted, and her cargo's slightly shifted. There are couples kissing in the dark. I use my flashlight for a lark. And Joan is hugging Mortimer, and she's engaged to Mr. Shore. I'm hiding in the cuspidor and flash the light upon their face while they are locked in fond embrace and Mr. Shore then wrecks the place. I'm such a busy body breaking up a lovely party! Mabel Smith is on the scale, and suddenly she's growing pale! For in a chorus, so endearing, I have got the neighbors cheering, "Darling what a lovely weight! You weigh One-hundred Eighty-Eight!" You lick the pattern off the plate And then you bleed for more to eat! You look just like a strange falloon that drifted to us from the moon And scientists much watch their step an' see if you're a secret weapon. That is how the gossip goes and all because I stick my nose in other peoples' dirty clothes a heavy winded guy am-- I don't need a breath to say good bye because I'm such a busy little busy bodyyy..... busy booody-- buuuuusy bodyyyy!!! Booody buss--- Gah--I haven't got any breath left!! I'm so-- BUsy bo-- Busy BOOOoodyyyyyy!!! I'm choking I *gags*..... *HUGE BREATH* I'm a little busy bodyyyyy!!!! *** *********** Heard this song some 30 or 40 years ago and it hasn't left me since. Say what you want about these all American guys (and there's a lot to say), but it's great entertainment. O'

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oax Pick - Depeche Mode's "Songs of faith and devotion"

This is not a fantastic album. Or maybe it is. In the beginning, in the early 80's, I thought this band was ridiculous, something that would last a year or two, until the kids got tired of it and chose another pop band to adore, like kids do. Bay City Rollers of 1980. AAAAWWWW Mah God!!! How wrong I was! A couple of years later one great tune after another showed up and I feld a bit annoyed, I don't like being wrong, at least not in my opinion of music. Then great albums showed up, one after another and now, after all these years it's time to come out of the cave and ask for forgiveness. I'M SORRY, GUYS - I WAS WRONG!!! But, now that's history. This is a magnificent band, doing magnificent music (oh, no, not ALL of it, but very very much). Today, when listening to their "Songs of faith and devotion" I feld it was time to focus them in one Oax Pick. The opening, "I feel you" is a monster of a kind almost no-one creates in an entire career, it has enough power for a whole album (but, it would have been a short album). Then it goes on, strong tunes, mostly low tempo (the early 90's was filled with down-tempo). It's a strong band, Dave's voice is one of the best in rock, a lot of Martin's tunes are some of the best in modern rock music and the playing from all of them is nothing but...... I bow my head in deep respect. Well, now it's said, let's go back into the cave, start reject the genius of the future, go back to normal, noise and freeform, drone and ambient, psych and space, jazz and...... pop music and rock music... Shit! I'll never get away from this as long as I live... O'

Oax Pick - Burning Spear's "Marcus Garvey"

I'm not much of a raggae guy, but when it works it works fine. There are some great stuff from about 1970, plus/minus 5 years. This is one of them. Mostly I use to like the dub versions of whatever much better than the original ones. This is an exception. Burning Spear's "Marcus Garvey" is filled with two of the most important components in music: strong, hypnotic melodies and a hell of a voice. You lean back and fall into the grooves of the now classic music, melt into another Universe, hearing Winston Rodney's voice, like a distorted Roebuck "Pops" Staples, yelling his message. No, I'm not much of a rastafari guy either, but when hearing this album things happens with hair, at least what's left of it. O'

Monday, May 7, 2012

Neneh Cherry & The Thing - New Vid

This is really bloody great! Pop music we're not used to hear. From forthcoming album, The Cherry Thing. Ticky tacky tickyyy!!! O'

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shit Bloody Shit ! ! ! - Thomas is Dead ! ! !

Not only being legendary co-founder of Träd Gräs & Stenar, Thomas Mera Gartz was also a masterful wizzard with the rhythm sticks, one of our favourite psych-trance-space-rock percussionists ever. A couple of years ago TG & S unexpectedly lost their bass-player Torbjörn Abelli and today I did get the news that Thomas unexpectedly as well has past away, getting rapidly ill on Saturday, dying on Sunday. It's big loss not only for family and close relatives, but also to the music world, especially his band-mates who recently re-established TG & S, trying to get something together after the death of Torbjörn. There was music that had to be played. What will happen now? I saw the "new" band some months ago and I was stunned. With no disrespect, but they were better than ever. TMG & Joxfield? It's mentioned on this blog the 12th of April, the Self-Unit version featuring TMG's percussion constructions. Less than three weeks ago I wrote him a mail regarding thoughts about re-establishing our collaboration. I knew he was busy with new TG&S music and didn't expect any quick answer, but nevertheless he had written some nice words about our music to me and I thought his playing to our music would be The Right Thing! This didn't happen, will never... R.I.P. Mighty Thomas! O & Y

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oax Pick - King Crimson's "Vrooom"

After the release of Three of a Perfect Pair there was a ten year intermission. To make the explanation a bit simple (= my version), Robert Fripp has said that Crimson never cease to exist, but it can take pauses. And the band is not even its members, the band is the music, so when there is King Crimson music that has to be played and recorded, well, up jump the band and who's in it... differs. After TOOPP the gap was for ten years before there was new music that had to be played and recorded, this time by what would become known as The Double Trio, Fripp & Belew on guitars, Gunn & Levin on basses, sticks, whatever you call their instruments with THICK strings and Mastelotto & Bruford drums and percussion of various kind. There was also some samples and electronics. The first sign that showed us fans that the new King Crimson was not only speculations was a 30 minutes EP in 1994, "Vrooom", which was to be followed by full-length "Thrak" following year plus various live sets later. "Vrooom" consists of 6 track (the title track was later split into two, Vrooom and Coda: Marine 475) Four of the six tracks showed up on "Thrak", but in slightly different, more pollished versions. Looking back at the double trio version of Crimson and all their releases, "Vrooom" has always been my favourite, despite its shortness (most Beatles' albums were about half an hour long). The songs are rougher and tougher than the later versions, not with demo sound quality, more like early versions played by a hungry band really enjoying playing together again in a time when no-one knows what will become of it. Will it be more? A full-length album? Tours? Now we know the answer is yes to all these questions, but during the recording of "Vrooom" it sounds like "We're having some great songs, ideas, structures, let's try them, let's just have fun". That's why I like it so much. It sounds like they are really having fun with the new material. O'

Lost Track # 4 - Fire - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers

Who? John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
Where? Bare Wires (Decca)
When? 1968
Why? There can't be said much enough about John Mayall's importance as an expander of the definition of blues. What he did in the late 60's and early 70's is nothing but avant garde, progressive, psychedelic and sometimes even touching free form elements as in this particular track, Fire. It's situated as the fourth part of the Bare Wires Suite on the album of the same title. It's non-rhythmic freely floating, Mayall's wailing voice over the instruments, creating moments that makes me wonder: Could possibly Mats Gustafsson's band Fire! have taken their name from this track? I don't think so, but they should have. It would have been fair. And great. Anyway, it's a marvellous tune, a hidden gem.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unique Rarity - Joxfield ProjeX guested by legendary Thomas Mera Garz

Self-Unit - Version Zero feat. Thomas Mera Gartz

This is the orgininal work in progress version of "Kenji Self-Unit" which in another version finally ended up on Numbers & Letters album.
It features the rare one and only guest appearance by legendary Thomas Mera Garz on drums & percussion. For people who have spend the last 50 years or so in a cave: TMG is the legendary stable-as-a-rock-but-makes-the-music-fly-light-as-a-feather drummer & percussionist of some of the most important psychedelic trance rock bands in Sweden ever: Pärson Sound, International Harvest, Harvest, Träd Gräs & Stenar and countless numbers of others. Thomas nowadays also create excellent music and videos. Go for Meramorr on Youtube and you'll find some other treasures.

Heard on Self-Unit - Version Zero is:
Thomas Mera Garz - Drums, percussion
Kenji Siratori - Voice + author of words
Nikke Ström (Yes, another legend in Sweden, but you who have left the cave already knows that) - Bass
Yan - Spiritual Mind
Oax - Guitars
Music & Production by Oax & Yan 2007 - Powered by Tin Can Music

Self-Unit - Version Zero feat. Thomas Mera Gartz by joxfieldprojex



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Video Hit ! ! ! - Joxfield ProjeX - Have I Been Here Before?

Is this the number 1 video hit by Joxfield ProjeX?
Well, what is a hit?
At least it's the most viewed Joxfield ProjeX video so far of a nice tune from the "Numbers & Letters" album.
Made by AltRev - Thanks a lot!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Oax Pick - Ian Paice

Gillan, yeahyeahyeah, BlackmoreGloverLord, yeahyeahyeah.
BUT, the driving thunderous power force of the band was Ian Paice's drumming. Glorious and send down from the gods. A hard rock heavy metal percussion genius.
Now it was said!!!

We were happy to see the band playing live 4th of February 1973 in Gothenburg during their haydays.


Highway Star
Smoke on the Water
Strange Kind of Woman
Child in Time
Mary Long
Space Truckin'

Speed King
(Little Richard cover)

I use to talk about this concert with my kids, remembering Ian Gillan saying "We're gonna play s song from our new album Machine Head, it's called Smoke on the Water". Those were the days.


Friday, April 6, 2012

colonel XS - A Huge Waste of Time

words & soundscapes by colonel XS (from a collaboration with JoXfield ProjeX)

photo and lettering by [kaiser(schnitt)amboss/laszlo]

you better get used.
In the pipeline in a future hopefully close to you there will be an album of some distinct collaborations between Joxfield ProjeX and multi-talanted artist colonel XS.
Be Ware! Be Aware! Keep your eyes and ears opened.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Eastern ! ! !

No matter if you're religious or non-religious - Happy Eastern To You ! ! !

Keep the improvised psychedelic free form space jazz & kraut music opened to your heart and mind ! ! !

Oax 'n' Yan

Joxfield ProjeX - Discography Part 2 - Nothing But Sofas

Joxfield ProjeX - Nothing But Sofas (CDR Tin Can Music 2005)

Encouraged by finding out that we had some music within after finnished our first recording sessions for 30 years in May 2005 we immediately decided to continue (see the Discography Part 1 post).
If "Dark White Morning" was the result of a week of instant composing we now wanted to try to make some structured songs and started to compose wildly. In 4 or 5 months we had about 50 songs, some almost completely finnish in composition, some just a small idea. A lot of them with lyrics.
"Let's make pop songs" we said.
In november 2005 we went to Kolpebo, a very small village in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Sweden. We borrowed the cottage from a couple of Yan's wife's friends.
A perfect place for noise and reflection, beer, whisky and nasty fastfood. No neighbours to disturb, no neighbours who did disturb. Full volume 24 hours a day.
All days filled with structures while trying to add some flesh to these skin and bones of songs and/or ideas. Every night before going to bed we ended with a ten minutes 100% improvisation which we also recorded (see Discography Part 3).

The result of the week was 13 tracks which became a new album, "Nothing But Sofas". 10 of them with vocals, 3 instrumentals. The lyrics was stories, existential reflections, some nods to Sartre etc etc. Maybe a bit pretentious, but it did work. We were very satisfied with the pop album structured project...


Not too long after we'd finnished it and released it in November 2005 in our own way (20 home-made CDR copies given away to friends) we realised one specific thing:
We didn't like it too much! (We listened much more to the companion "live" album of the 10-minutes night jam tracks)
Why didn't we like it? Don't know, but one reason amongst others was maybe that it was too early in our re-established career to try to perform a project of this kind. We were still too amateurish; the production, the playing, the singing isn't as good as it should on a record of this kind. But, the songs are good, the compositions are good. We should have waited at least 5 years before we made it. I think.

Obviously there were people who like it. Jerry Krantz of great Aural Innovations:

"Joxfield ProjeX were on a creative roll and in the same year released Nothing But Sofas, which they describe as their "pop" songs album. "Pop", of course, is a relative term when it comes to a band like Joxfield ProjeX. There are indeed songs, with composed melodies and vocals. But they are far from being pop music. I like the dreamy, drifting, pleasantly melodic quality of songs like "Prince Gong Climbes The Great Wall At Mutianyu" and "As Close As You Are". "Threadmill" is similar, but with heavenly, almost symphonic keyboards. Like some spaced out Nick Drake song. "Hell Is Other People" features chunky, pounding rock, with a dark, demonic prog rock edge. "La Thiene Plateau" is like some long lost Peter Hammill song. There's the dancey space-prog-pop of "This is Paradise" and the noisy "Industry Forever", which brought to mind a robotic dancey Chrome song. And on the flip side we also have the intense, driving progressive rock of the all instrumental "Bass Bass" and "Red Lantern", as well as the grandiose space rock of "Sirens of Titan", which reminded me of Quarkspace but with more of a symphonic edge."

Here a taster, the opening track of the album. Prince Gong was an interesting caracter 150 years ago, maybe the first link between ancient China and China of today (check the back history here: In a fictional scenario we let him sit on the Great Wall at Mutianyu and reflect.
Never mind the false singing and the amateaurish playing, I think the melody and the lyrics is great and if anyone asked me today I would say it should have been a wonderful song for Robert Wyatt to sing in his outstanding wonderful way. Let's make it to the imposible dream project of the future!

And, yes, if you find some connections between the first line of the lyrics and the name of this blog.... well, you're not all wrong.

Prince Gong Climbes The Great Wall At Mutianyu by joxfieldprojex

Memories of my illusion,
being Gong, the Loyal Prince
Used for Western Trade as a tool
is this the essence of life.
Sitting on the top of The Wall,
Mother Dowager Kangli,
Emperor Daoguang,
Why am I accused?
We´re all dead, but I can see you,
from the Wall at Mutianyu.
Fighting blameful for Old China,
a big shame defending West.
O, Mother, o, Father, you fools,
what is good with locking in?
A foe of our land?
Selling out our souls?
But now, with all influences,
prostitution for a dime.
Somewhere someone´s eating my Soul,
will Kon-Fu-Tze or Mao rule?
Consulting the Master of Mind,
force the people to unite.
lightning up my mind,
cannot see the guilt
What’s the future of our country,
what will China end up as?
Politics? Warfare? or Protests?
Business mindset? Industry?
Farmers? Religion? And Killers?
Beauty? Nature? Mostly Love?
Will this be the proof,
China red or pink?
Our life’s full of contradictions,
as I sit here, being dead.
Climbed The Great Wall at Mutianyu.
Here I watch my life again.
What is good is bad, that is life,
they´ll always try to teach us.
But we will know more,
only Love remain.
Yelling at you, the Bad Leaders,
telling lies behind your back.
They will use you as a scapegoat.
You know someone has to be.
At Mutianyu I saw future,
maybe false, maybe true,
Knew that I was right,
as the time will tell

There is no intension to make a physically re-issue of this album, but the curious ones can drop a line to and receive a download zip-file of the album, including full lyrics insert. Put 'NBS' as a subject.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Yeah, We Love Him, Mighty Daevid!

Daevid Allen performing "Whisky Oh!" with the Wild Zinnias. St Patrick's Day 2012, The Rails Hotel, Byron Bay, Australia. Film by Slim Pickins.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Myth...


Another RARITY!!! Dark White House - House Version 2009

This is another true rarity from the Joxfield ProjeX vault.
The last track to be recorded during our first recording sessions at Camp Brana in May 2005 was Dark White House. The beats, the guitar riffs and the synth loops was recorded and then all ideas was completely lost, we were exhausted by this our first 24 hours a day of instant composing and the well seemed to have been running out of water. We were ready to get sober and return to civilization.
But, the basic track was so good, it would really have been a pity to leave it there.
Then, from out of nowhere, an idea came up: "Why not make a Gorecki?". The response was: "????". But, the idea was inspired by the beginning of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony, to start with chords with the dark, low, bass tones and then go lighter and lighter, find a crescendo and then turn back. But, in this tune the crescendo was loads of disonant and atonal key chords. The track was finnished and we did really like it, put it as the last track on disc 1 of the Dark White Morning album.

In 2009 Yan picked up the track again and made a house version of it to fill the dance floors with all these two-left-legged persons, just as us.
It could have been released as a 12" single but never was. Recently it was found in the vault and through this posting now saved to the word.
Get up and dance! Challenge yourself! Unleash!!

Dark White House - House Version 2009 by joxfieldprojex


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy Shit!!!! A Rarity!! Ola & The Jugglers - The Video!!!!

Holy Shit! Holy Cow!! Holy, Holy Whatever!!!!
Here's the video for the extended, previously unreleased, original "Ola & The Jugglers" track.
All of it. 25 plus minutes. A true rarity - never seen or heard like this before.
It's made by our favourite, psychedelic video-maker AltRev, alias György. It was ordered by me 'n' Yan late summer 2010 to use on a private release-party with TC3 to celebrate some new recordings we've made.
Some of these recordings ended up on "Voxluxrabax", our latest release, so far (but, don't worry, there will be more....). On the album is an edited version of Ola where the first 10 minutes of guitar banging terror is missing.
But, here's all of it! Only for you!!
The video begins with 20 seconds of silence, and then...... oh, Mah God!!!!
If your loudspeakers will shiver and shake, just nail them to the floor.
And dance!!!!!!

ThanX a lot, György!!!!

The album:

György's Joxfield videos (and some more):

And György himself:


Monday, March 19, 2012


We're getting close to three years since our first free download releases, "Bits 'n' Pieces # 1 - 13" and "Picnic", both released by Clinical Archives on 5th of April 2009 with download source from Internet Archive.
Since then our nine albums have been downloaded 171.588 times. Quite a few... The BIG hit is "Shimmering Mah No 1" with more than 35.000 downloads.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Endless Universes of Stars and Mountains

Endless Universes of Stars and Mountains by Pedantic Pedestrian

Pedantic Pedestrian sometimes show up with some great music and when hearing sample sources in this great music coming from us we're flattered. We like when people use our music as a tool to develop music of their own, it's nice and rewarding.

The words of his own:

"This is one of those pieces that was months in the making. You know the sort of thing. You record an idea, then forget about it. Then go back weeks later and see if you still like it. Then subject it to a bit of the old 'digital razorblade' if something seems to drag on too long. Then add another new bit. And so on.

It's also an imaginary soundtrack to something or other. Perhaps you can tell me what.

The voice is Lori "CC" Gomez, reciting a piece by Jack Kerouac (plus there's some of her own stuff buried in the "collage" sections). There are also samples of JOXFIELD PROJEX's "Computer #2" from their "Numbers & Letters" album. I wonder if they'll recognise themselves?"

To answer the question: Yes, the beat-masters do.
Great job, PP, spread the wings, continue to fly!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Fingerprints of "The Sacred Method" on Recent Music Heroes

Always nice to find some fingerprints of our music here and there.
We're grateful!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mwendo Dawa - Live at Montreux - THE VIDS!!!

What a surprise!
One day I write a couple of words on Mwendo Dawa's live album from Montreux 1979, and the other day I find two clips from the same concert.
"Life is funny, life is free, got all them goodies come up to me..." (T Kupferberg)

And anyone who wants to explore this great band, these great musicians, check the web of Susanna and Ove's own label, lj-records:


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Minty's Review on VoxLuxRabax

These are nice words to stumble over:

"Joxfield ProjeX, Sweden's leading purveyors of total-immersion freeform-psychedelic-kraut-space-rock-call-it-what-you-will music are back with another helping of... oh, let's not beat around the bush, it's good old honest-to-goodness NOISE! Which Is A Good Thing. If you've heard any of Oax' and Jan's previous works, you kind of probably know what to expect by now (and, presumably, have already made up your mind whether you like it or not!). Guaranteed to shake the cobwebs out of your belfry or make your coffee morning go with a swing. As they themselves say "This music should be played with full attention at any volume you like..."."

From minty's mews (

ThanX a lot, Minty

And don't forget where to get the music for the same price as you pay for the air you breathe:


Oax Pick - Mwendo Dawa - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

Mwendo Dawa - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival (Dragon LP 1980)

For me this was an important band in the latter part of the 70's, they belonged to the ones who opened up my ears for free music expressions. Me and TC3 used to go to the jazz club Nefertiti, drink some beer, listen to whoever was playing. Some of the bands were local bands of local fame and they consisted of marvellous musicians. Some of them made an extensive career, played abroad, and so.
In the beginning Mwendo Dawa was a big band, about 7 or 8 (or more?) members. Three drummers, two basses, Susanna on piano & keyboard and Ove J on tenor sax. For me the long solo's of Ove were the highlight of their gigs, often starting modest, but then turning into fire and free form wailing - and I really loved it. The band was always great, but for me Ove was the master.
From late 70's and on to these days they've recorded a huge amount of albums; Mwendo Dawa, other groups, duos, solos, whatever. Honestly I've only heard most of the MD's albums and not the rest. The albums are great, but never near the furious peeks of the band playing live. It can be my memory failing, but this is how I remember it. Here and there you can hear Ove's sax glow on the records, sometimes getting close to fire, and the band is a great band.
Of those five MD LPs I have in my collection this live album from Montreux is the one coming closest to my memories of them playing live at Nefertiti. It's mainly structured, the loose and free form moments are few. But, I strongly recommend it. It's recorded 1979 and released the year after.
The Band: Susanna Lindeborg (piano & keys), Ove Johansson (sax), Ulf Wakenius (guitar), Anders Jormin (bass) and David Sundby (drums)


Monday, March 5, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX - Discography Part 1 - Dark White Morning

Joxfield ProjeX - Dark White Morning (2 CDR Tin Can Music 2005)

Having a back history of group names like Don & Mac, The Age, Stefan-Olofs Orkester, Viscously Cartilage, Andersson & Ek and others, Oax and Yan, the two members of our little combo took a short break in 1975.
This break happened to last for 30 years.
After a couple of years talking about "Wonder what it would be like doing some music again" finally in May 2005 we brought our simple equipment to Camp Brana and made some unprepared instant composing recordings for a week.
The result became Dark White Morning, a 2 CDR collection, about 90 minutes of music. It's unpolished and raw, almost no editing or treatments, just us playing live in the cold living room of this badly heated cottage. Very amateurish and innocent, but also a very important first step for Joxfield ProjeX.

At the end of the week it was self-printed in about 20 copies and given away to friends (or enemies some would say when hearing the music). Almost no-one heard it. Daevid Allen received a copy and wrote some nice words about it, especially about Day Clubbing, the wild disco rave tune you'll find below.

Day Clubbing by joxfieldprojex

There is no intension to make a physically re-issue of this album, but the curious ones can drop a line to and receive a download zip-file of the album. Put 'DWM' as a subject.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swedish Azz & Gunnar Lindgren & Gilbert Holmström - Nefertiti 2012-03-02

Mighty Mighty Mighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two days ago Oax n Yan, the infamous duo of JoxProX + MCN, the official president of the unofficial JoxProX fan club + Wolf, ehhr, The Wolf, took our long legs in direction to the legendary jazz-blues-freeform-whatever club Nefertiti to watch and listen to Swedish Azz, Mats G's and Per Åke H's band who pays and plays tribute to known and unknown treasures from the Swedish jazz scene of mainly the 50's and 60's and put it into context of today. This night they were guested by Gunnar Lindgren and Gilbert Holmström, two legends!
The concert lasted for maybe 2 hours, probably one of the 10 best concerts we've ever been at (and I'm talking about loads of concerts over the last 40 years).
The track above is the encore.

Below you'll find Gilbert's composition 'Fåglarna' (The Birds), here played for the second time ever (the first time was on Swedish national radio 1966). An abstract, wonderful composition.

The vids shot by some DaniOost (thanX for this cultural deed) who we didn't notice, but from the angle point of view it could have been us, because it seems to be exactly from the position where we sat...


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monkees & Merzbow

When people ask me what music I like I use to say "Monkees, Merzbow, whatever.."
Davy died today in cardiac arrest, only 66 years old. The Daydream Believer has dreamt his last dream - RIP!

But, Merzbow lives on - HURRAY!!!!


Beware! Be Aware! - colonel XS's Enters the Room

Beware! Be Aware! Yes, that's right, that's the secret words for tonight.
This gentleman, colonel XS, might be heard in a collaboration with Joxfield ProjeX in a future near you.
We're leaving the glimmering surf pop music and enters the dark side of the sun shouting in choir: What about ME! What about ME!
And no-one understands. That's ok for us.
Be Aware! Watch Out! New music's in the pipe-line.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lost Track # 3 - Africa - The John Coltrane Quartet

The John Coltrane Quartet
Africa/Brass (Impulse!)
This is one of few track by Coltrane which he put into an arrangement for a bigger band. It was said that Gil Evans was contacted for doing the arrangements, but it didn't happen, so it went over to Dolphy and Tyner. The track is filled with exraordinary contributions from all the band players. The track is really pointing forward, bringing me to thoughts of Coltrane's "Kulu se Mama" as well to the single note bass of Miles' "Go Ahead, John". Almost any of Coltranes tracks is one of his best. This is as well.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oax Pick - Neil Young's "Zuma"

Neil Young - Zuma (Reprise 1975)

This guy has been around in my ears for ages. I do really admire the deep integrity of him, how he's been challenging himself, his record labels as well as his audience. He's always been on the tip of his toes, no matter what he's been doing and still do. Some albums over the years has been disasterous in my ears, but nethertheless I respect it, he's just following his heart and in the end he always land in some good direction.
So, when listening to "Zuma" today I realised I just had to write a few words on him. The album is filled with excellent pop music, some country tunes (I'm definitely not a fan of country music, but these are great), some acoustic moments and - finally - the two tracks 'Danger Bird' and 'Cortez the Killer', two slow, beautiful tunes filled with his barbed wired guitar playing which makes the hair on my arms stand straight - oh, how good it is!!!
There are many reasons to come back to this guy...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX' "VoxLuxRabax" - For Free!!! - For Everyone!!!

Don't let it slip through your fingers: Joxfield ProjeX' "VoxLauRabax" for free download for everyone in urgent need.
Get it from here:


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX as a Starter

Found this one today:
Joxfield ProjeX' track "But Nothing Is Really Useless" (from Bits & Pieces ) opens John Tocher's Sadayatana (066) project "Time Zero"
It's a great 3 hour set of constructive ambience put together in a creative and clever way from tracks, or part of tracks, from various artists (like JoxProX).

"This one fashioned from tracks selected at random 10 minutes before show time. Not random exactly but picked via some secret intelligence built into a program I wrote. My way of collaborating with God so to speak.
I like the way it came out. Hope you do too." J Tocher

More info plus free download here:

And the original source is here:

Enjoy creativity in common!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Träd Gräs & Stenar & Latin Kings - Skeppsholmen 2001

Byt they came back later...

Träd Gräs & Stenar & Latin Kings - Skeppsholmen 2001


Oax Pick - Träd Gräs & Stenar - Gärdet 12.6.1970

Träd Gräs & Stenar - Gärdet 12.6.1970 (Subliminal Sounds, Ti'llindien CD 1996, Subliminal Sounds 2xLP 2011)

Träd Gräs & Stenar 1970

Träd Gräs & Stenar 1971

Träd Gräs & Stenar 2012

A couple of weeks ago I went to see a gig by the legendary Swedish prog-psych-trance band Träd Gräs & Stenar.
Except some intermissions of various length they have been around since late 60's as Pärson Sound > International Harvester > Harvester > Träd Gräs & Stenar. The members of the groups has been the same more or less. The core for longest time has been Bo Anders Persson (guitar, vox), Thomas Mera Gartz (drums, vox), Jakob Sjöholm (guitar, vox) & Torbjörn Abelli (bass, vox).
A couple of years ago Bo Anders took the decision to quit, partly because of tinnitus, maybe a bit tired of touring and maybe because of reaching a respectfully age. The band decided to go on with Reine Fiske (Dungen, etc) as new force on solo guitar.
In summer 2010 Torbjörn sadly passed away in borelia.
At least I thought I'd seen the band for the last time. Obviously, after some time had slipped, they took another decision, to go on with Sigge Krantz on bass. Sigge might have avoide the spotlight but had been around for years as musician, recording engineer etc, so he was a part of the movement, so to speak.
When watching their concert they also had added Thomas Tidholm (sax, flute, vox) who had been a member of the band before the TG&S incarnation.
My expectation was rather high and I wasn't disappointed. All guys are great musicians, they mix long improvised, psychedelic space-trance-minimalistic powerful tunes with shorter written tunes with vocals. All within the frame of their unique sound. Second set added Thomas T and it all when into sung-based material even though it also went away for longer instrumental parts. As someone said, Thomas is kind of the Tuli Kupferberg of the band. He was so funny and thoughtful, delivering bananas to the audience.
There was no actual merchandise, but I saw that Jakob had a plastic bag with some vinyl albums and as I knew they recently had released the 'Gärdet 12.6.1970' live CD in a vinyl version I asked him if he had a copy of that. This very humble and polite guy had to excuse, he did only have one copy left and he had promised it to a 20-year old girl in the audience. "Of course she shall have it", I said, happy to know that the youngsters are attractive to these phychedelic sounds. Jakob said he thought the vinyl edition might be sold out, but when back home he could check it out by the guy responsible for the release, if there was any left and then send it to me. "Great" I said and we exchenged email addresses. A couple of days ago there was an email in my inbox: "I've found a copy and I've send it to you, you can pay to my account..." and the next day it was in my snail-mail box.
The album? Holy cow, I've heard it on CD, but now, with this expanded 2 x LP version on beautiful splash colour vinyl - what a sound! what a dynamic! what music!!! and also added a sidelong 22 minute track as a bonus. Mighty, mighty, this is good!!!
So, thanX Jakob for being such a nice and generous fellow doing this great gesture.

The festival of Gärdet? It should be at Skeppsholmen in the central of Stockholm as the first alternative, non-commercial, out-door festival in Sweden. The residental companies and offices at this tiny island did protest and the police said No to the event just the day before and some very quick arrangemtns had to be done to move it to the Gärdet field about 5 kilometers from there.

But they came back later... (TBC)


The Most Beautiful Band/Artist T-Shirt Ever...

Gong - Camembert Electric T-Shirt

It took me some 39 years to get it, but now it's mine!
I'm not the guy who must buy loads of souvenirs at concerts. I might buy some records if there are any at those events, that's nice, but t-shirts, posters, programs, whatsoever, isn't important for me.
But this particular item I always have thought belongs to my highly advanced dress-code, but for no reason at all it just didn't happen that I bought it. Until now, through Jonny at PlanetGong.
The t-shirt is the cover of Gong's 'Camembert Electric' album (Byg 1971, Virgin 1974), the first real Gong album, and it was drawn and designed by Daevid Allen. Actually, when the t-shirt first showed up I have no idea, but it has been around for ages, probably mid-70's or so.
The picture is ripped from blog.