Friday, October 19, 2012

Autumn Rain, Swans, Joxfield & Ornette

Just an ordinary Friday, a day off duty, an indoor day because the autumn rain in this Godforsaken city showers like it use to this time of the year. A good ol' Gothenburg Autumn Rainy Day.
Taking a slow, long breakfast, reading the morning paper, sipping the coffee, listening to music; the first CD of Swans' "The Seer", the 27+ minutes Joxfield ProjeX track "Mah No 1" from "Shimmering Mah No 1" (yes, download for free here:, Ornette Coleman's evocative "The Shape of Jazz to Come" from 1959 - one of the first free jazz albums. And next to come... well, no idea yet.
Bring the umbrella!