Monday, May 2, 2022

Out now on Tin Can Music

The Jane Henry Experience  - Lovesongs & Death EP

A short-lived project of Joxfield when doing some psychedelic pop-oriented songs.

Henry Etherwink - VII b

Four parts of a project with a lot of twang dang doodle guitar played over various recorded, ripped, and treated samples in a live situation at home at C Anna recorded in October 2020.

JANNE (JNNE) - Primo Secundo.

JANNE (JNNE) - Terzo Quarto

The first and second album by JANNE (JNNE), computer playing electronician residing in Stockholm, Sweden.

All four new albums are released in small CDr editions and can be found at Discreet Music.

Digital releases + streaming from Tin Can Music Bandcamp site



Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tin Can Music

Tin Can Music is a small label run by Stefan Oax Ek and Janne Yan Andersson.

The main purpose is to release music that in one way or another includes their own participation.

All music is releases Digital, but also mostly in other media, as CD, CDr, LP, Cassettes.

Artists on Tin Can Music are:

Joxfield (previously Joxfield ProjeX)

Etherwink & Larwott

The Global Researchers

Henry Etherwink


The Jane Henry Experience (autumn 2022)

Full presentation at Discogs

A lot to listen to at Tin Can Music Bandcamp site

Some pre-Bandcamp stuff at Internet Archive

Beware! Be Aware! Be There!

Monday, April 25, 2022

Etherwink & Larwott + Joxfield Cassettes

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Two new very limited cassettes from your favourite irrational duos
Etherwink & Larwott and Joxfield out now on Vohu Manah Records.
Etherwink & Larwott "Pånyttfödelse" is a 11 tracks, 45 minutes compilation picked from the very well received handful albums E&L recorded and released in 2021.
Joxfield "Convolved", a 5 tracks 36 minutes album of all new music in the territories of some kind of ambient.
Please get in touch with Steve on Vohu Manah for info on purchases, price, shipping, et cetera,


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

"Primo Secundo" and "Terzo Quarto" by JANNE (JNNE)


Out today!

"Primo Secundo" and "Terzo Quarto" by JANNE (JNNE), computer playing electronician residing in Stockholm, Sweden.

The very limited CDr Edition will be found at Discreet Music from tomorrow and on ( Digital album + streaming from

Go for it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

What releases to be expected in 2022?

What releases to be expected in 2022?
Joxfield - Convolved (Cassette Vohu Manah Records)
Etherwink & Larwott - Yet Untitled Compilation (Cassette Vohu Manah Records)
JANNE (JNNE) - Primo Secondo (CDr Tin Can Music)
JANNE (JNNE) - Terzo Quarto (CDr Tin Can Music)
The Jane Henry Experience - Unfinished Business Of Love Songs & Death (CFr EP Tin Can Music)
Joxfield - Bass To Camp (CDr Tin Can Music)

Painting shown is by CK Cotton (Cotton Casino) and will be used for the Colvolved album. Thanks CC ! ! !