Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Joxfield Wish You A Merry Jox-Mas!


In many ways it's been a hellish year for many people around the globe. 

We can't but hope for a better year 2021 to come.

If our music can help cheering you up a bit and make some of the days more bearable you can stream it and listen to most of it for free from our Bandcamp Site here: 

Merry Jox-Mas 2020 & A Better And Happier Year 2021


Monday, December 7, 2020

The Global Researchers. single "Corollarium"/"The Hat"


The Global Researchers as a band constituted in 2020.

Although a new band it should be known that the members have a rich experience from other endeavors for a long number of years.

The band is engaged in stripped down electronica often combined with manipulated voices (occasionally sounding like an electronic instrument).

The number of members in the band varies but generally the members Researcher 1 and Researcher 2 take part.

In December 2020 they made an agreement with Tin Can Music to release their single "The Hat" containing the two pieces "Corollarium" and "The Hat". Corollarium has something to do with a treadmill but to prove what is very unclear at the present. The other title "The Hat" seems to refer to some dialect research, again what dialect and why remains to be further investigated.


released December 6, 2020

Written and performed by The Global Researchers

Researcher 1 : Scapes
Researcher 2 : Transformations

Powered by Tin Can Music 2020

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Release today! "Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery Of Numbers & Letters Revealed"


To celebrate the 10th anniverary of Joxfield's "Numbers & Letters" album, today the 31 tracks, 155 minutes long digital download 4 disc set "Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery Of Numbers & Letters Revealed" is released through Tin Can Music's Bandcamp site.
The album includes original Kolpebo improvisations, first edited versions, basic tracks, all of them previously unreleased.
Featuring Janne Yan Andersson, Stefan Oax Ek plus a lot of guest appearances from Judy Dyble, Geoff Leigh, Pat Mastelotto, Thomas Mera Gartz, Nikke Ström, Kenji Siratori, Håkan Almkvist & Regina Przic.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery of Numbers & Letters Revealed

To be released on November 12th.

"Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery of Numbers & Letters Revealed"

A digital download 4 disc set on Tin Can Music.

"The idea of this 10th anniversary celebration, “Abstract & Concrete – The Mystery of Numbers & Letters Revealed”, came up just because of the fun of it. There is a lot of unreleased material, early Kolpebo improvisations of tunes that later developed into something vastly different. More or less composed material went through radical changes during the process, et cetera. There are also songs that never showed up on N&L, or elsewhere, for various reasons, most of them now forgotten."

Featuring Janne Yan Andersson (JA), Stefan Oax Ek (SE), Geoff Leigh (GL) (England), Judy Dyble (JD) (England), Pat Mastelotto (PM) (USA), Thomas Mera Gartz (TMG) (Sweden), Nikke Ström (NS)(Sweden), Kenji Siratori (KS)(Japan), Håkan Almkvist (HA)(Sweden), Regina Przic (RP)(France)

A01 The First Day (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 08.16 – JA SE
A02 Over & Out (First Vocal Version) 05.27 – JD JA SE NS
A03 The Interior Structure of Computer 8 (Early Edited Untamed Version) 05.42 – JA SE
A04 Modern Sea (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 04.08 – JA SE
A05 In the Garden of Eden (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 09.52 – JA SE
A06 The Entropy Is Strong (The Original Janne Improvisation + Drums) 10.51 – JA PM
B01 A Secret Door (Early Raw Edited Version) 04.41 – JA SE NS
B02 Electric Apple (Early Kolpebo Version) 08.31 – JA SE
B03 Kenji Self-Unit (TMG-Version) 05.01 – TMG SE KS GL NS
B04 Mikrofon (Logitech EasyCall Speakerphone) 2008-04-13 13-34-52 (An oddity) 01.07 - JA
B05 For A Rainy Day (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 11.31 – JA SE
B06 Have I Been Here Before (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 05.10 - JA SE
B07 Over & Out 2009 (Third Vocal Version) 02.08 – JA SE GL RP
C01 S7 (Some JA Sound Testing) 00.15 - JA
C02 Modern Sea (First Edited Version) 04.08 – JA SE
C03 Computer 2 (Early Kolpebo Version) 02.53 – JA SE
C04 Computer 7 (Early Edited Version) 03.00 – JA SE
C05 Computer 8 (Early Edited Version) 05.25 – JA SE
C06 Rough & Tough Audio 02_04 (Guitar Excerpt) 00.39 - SE
C07 Landscape Ahead Git Import (Guitar Excerpt) 00.07 - SE
C08 Dragons Fly in the Night (Single Version) 03.22 – GL JA SE NS
C09 In the Garden of Eden (Early Edited Version) 06.05 – JA SE
C10 El Apple (TMG-Version) 08.32 – TMG JA SE
D01 Shadow in a mirror (Early Unfinished Take) 01.28 – JA SE
D02 S9 (Some JA Sound Testing) 00.15 - JA
D03 Sanity Check (Early Edited Version) 05.05 – HA JA SE GL
D04 No Kroh Poh (First Vocal Version) 04.24 – JD JA HA
D05 Over & Out (Second Vocal Version) 05.30 – GL JA SE
D06 Silent Night (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 09.56 – JA SE
D07 The Entropy Is Strong (Early Edited Version) 11.05 – JA SE PM
D08 The First Day (JawHarp2 Abbreviated) 00.44 - GL 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Tin Can Music's Bandcamp Site


Check out all Joxfield's releases on Tin Can Music Bandcamp site.

There will also show up some other interesting stuff in the future.

Listen, stream and/or download.

Anything you want.

Beware! Be Aware! Be There!


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Joxfield - Abstract & Concrete


November 12 2020.
155 minutes of previously unreleased music from the sessions that brought "Numbers & Letters" to you 10 years ago.
Original improvisations, vastly different takes of what you've heard before, a couple of ballads sung by Judy Dyble, et cetera. Digital release on Tin Can Music.
Beware! Be Aware! Be There!

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Joxfield back history article & interview

Find the Joxfield back history trivia in this old, long article/interview by great
Jerry Kranitz
. From Aural Innovations #40 (September 2008).
All the facts you need and more than you honestly want.

Friday, September 4, 2020

Joxfield - Numbers & Letters 10 Years Anniversary

It comes closer to a ten-year anniversary since the release of this 24 tracks, 2½ hours beast.
Not only Janne & Stefan of Joxfiled, but also a lot of great collaborators/contributors to whom we are grateful, like Geoff Leigh, Nikke Ström, Pat Matelotto, Håkan Almkvist, José João Loureiro, Kenji Siratori, Sakamoto Hiromichi, Regina P and Churner.
Lovely cover painting by Jan Ternald.


+ various streaming sources

Monday, June 15, 2020

Joxfield wish you a most wonderful summer

Your favourite avant-whatever duo Joxfield wish you a most wonderful summer.
The world is a worried place, but nevertheless you have to live your life in what's the best way for you and your family and friends. And if our music can help anything in doing that you're most welcome to listen to it, give it a try, and react in one way or another.
You'll find the music and info on Joxfield here:
+ Spotify and other streaming services.
Stefan Oax Ek & Janne Yan Andersson

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Joxfield on Bandcamp - Red White Black & Pale

It was something about horses, about their lives and deaths,
but it all was lost when it turned into multiple colors everywhere.

Then the White Wight
Told the Pale Tale
Sound the Black Thwack!
Sleep the Red Dead


released February 26, 2020

Composed, Mixed, Mastered, Produced,Keyboards, Drum Programming, Effects, Sampler, Electronics, Synth - Janne Yan Andersson
Composed, Electric Guitar, E-Bow, Effects - Stefan Oax Ek
Artwork, Painting - Janne Yan Andersson
Artwork - Stefan Oax Ek
Sounds & Vision by Joxfield
Powered by Tin Can Music 2020


all rights reserved

Joxfield on Bandcamp - Granularity

This is an EP.
And there was some connections with horses.


released May 2, 2020

Composed, Mixed, Mastered, Produced,Keyboards, Drum Programming, Effects, Sampler, Electronics, Synth - Janne Yan Andersson
Composed, Electric Guitar, E-Bow, Effects - Stefan Oax Ek
Artwork, Painting - Janne Yan Andersson
Artwork - Stefan Oax Ek
Sounds & Vision by Joxfield
Powered by Tin Can Music 2020


all rights reserved

Joxfield on Bandcamp - Insult on the Dance Floor 2020

With music still keeping some heavy rough and dark moods the intention of this album is to offer some uplifting lightness and joy to the listeners, bring them loads of swirling sounds that even might bring them up on the dance floor for some horror moves in a futuristic dance exercise. The music is as intense, electric and beautiful as ever.


released May 4, 2020

Keyboard, drums programming, samples, effects, by Janne Yan Andersson
Guitar, ebow, gliss, sampled percussion, drums programming, effects by Stefan Oax Ek
Tenor saxophone (track 1), soprano saxophone (track 5) by Malin Wättring

Yan & Oax Music recorded at Camp Batang, Stockholm and at Camp Anna, Gothenburg 2011-2012 and 2020.
Malin recorded at Elementstudion, Gothenburg, 2020, engineered by Rasmus Persson.

Cover art photographs by Henrik Schyffert

Big thanks to Malin, Rasmus, Henrik

Production, sounds & visions by Joxfield

This music should be played with full attention at any volume you like.
You're allowed to dance to it


all rights reserved


Monday, June 1, 2020

It's a new week! It's the first day of the Summer!

It's a new week! It's the first day of the Summer!
And Thou shall enjoy the latest releases of new Joxfield music as much as you can.
"Red White Black & Pale" is a four-part kinda progressive album (whatever the heck that is?), "Granularity" is a kinda appendix to RWB&P (Side D if there ever had existed a double LP)
Listen closely at Joxfield's Tin Can Music Bandcamp site.
or streaming services like Spotify and such.
There's also a lot more to explore. Go wild! Enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday, May 8, 2020

"Insult on the Dance Floor 2020" out now!

Ladies & Gentlemen, may we invite you to a Joxfield dance party and present a total makeover of the classic floor filler album “Insult on the Dance Floor”.
Four intense dance tracks and one softie to rest your legs to. 44 minutes of pure excitement.
It was originally released in 2012, but now remastered and updated to a 2020 version with new heavy beats and on top of the fruitcake you’ll also find the crème de la crème of saxophone players, Malin Wättring, guesting on two tracks.
Front and back cover photos by fabulous Henrik Schyffert.
Digital release on Tin Can Music Bandcamp site and on Spotify and other streaming services

Monday, May 4, 2020

Joxfield EP "Granularity" out today!

There is a new Joxfield EP called "Granularity" out today.
It's an almost 16 minutes, one track album.
It's electric, electronic and almost soft, speaking in Joxfield terms.
Free listening and streaming from our Tin Can Music Bandcamp site. Check it up!
It will also show up on Spotify various streaming pratforms in a close future. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Few CD copies left ! ! !

Here it is!
Very few CD copies left, but you can always stream if you're stingy and don't want to give anything to the artists.
You'll find it at Tin Can Music Bandcamp site
Discreet Music

Get it while you can!

Friday, April 3, 2020

Joxfield - "Hypnotic Wash Up" on Spotify and Bandcamp

Short story long:
"While standing in my kitchen doing the wash up and listening in my ghetto-blaster to the Majestic Pattern City Revisited Evolution suite from the Joxfield ProjeX very strict limited self-release album 'The Pond Intermezzo' (2006) I realized how goddamn good it was and that these tracks deserved being properly released. The 3 hours 3-disc album was originally printed in about 20 copies which mostly were given away to some of our friends. Very few copies were sold for almost nothing. The story of the suite: For the TPI sessions Yan had made a hypnotic, long pattern to which I made a 20 minutes long guitar improvisation. Due to too many wrong notes it was re-recorded once. There was more guitar terror and even more wrong notes. There was also a short, recorded sung melody. Then Yan locked himself into his room for a couple of months, re-worked the recorded music, picked up some themes from the solos, developed it, mixed it, split it, added the treated vocal parts, added some other freaky vocal parts and finally presented what's heard here. Maybe it's a bit accessible to have the suite split into eight parts, but the true reason was Yan's then car stereo which refused to play too long songs, it had to be split into parts."


released November 1, 2006

Sounds & Visions by Joxfield
Janne Yan Andersson : Keyboards, drums programming, manipulations, director, producer
Stefan Oax Ek : Guitars, vocals, producer
Cover art by The Dynamic Duo


all rights reserved

Joxfield - "Shimmering Mah No 1" on Spotify and Bandcamp

"Shimmering Mah No 1" - almost 48 minutes of unmistakable Joxfield music in their most heavy, progressive,psychedelic space-rock moods, with roaring instruments; the playful jazzy electric pianos, the screaming guitars, break-the-ceiling-basses, wild electronics, rumble keyboards, eccentric voice samples and rough arty rolling drumbeats.

Recorded at Camp Batang & Camp Anna autumn 2008

Should be played LOUD, in excitement and full awareness.

Powered by Tin Can Music


released September 22, 2009

Sounds and visions by Joxfield.
Janne Yan Andersson : Keyboards, Programmed Percussion, Bass, Cello-loid, Samples, Effects.
Stefan Oax Ek : Guitar, Glissando, Explosions, Ring Modulator, Samples, Effects.

Per-Olof Netterblad : Cover art painting

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Maybe your body has to be isolated during these corona times.
But your senses and mind don't have to.
A lot of new and remastered Joxfield albums at Tin Can Music Bandcamp site. You're welcome to visit. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Bits and Pieces (No.1 to 13) on Spotify and Bandcamp

Joxfield’s “Bits and Pieces (No.1 to 13)” may be the oddest little bird in their catalogue. It’s a collection of thirteen short pieces of highly experimental treatments of instruments and voices, sound sculptures and poetry. It may be dedicated to the likes of Apollinaire, Cocteau, Joyce, Pound, Ginsberg and Burroughs, especially the latter’s cup-up technique.
Experience it and once you’re there you’ll be amply rewarded.
From today you’ll find it on Spotify and other streaming services and if you want to grab a copy of your own you can get it from Tin Can Music Bandcamp site

Monday, March 16, 2020

Joxfield's Black on Spotify, etc

And now this one's on Spotify and other streaming services.
Joxfield - Black is a 32 track album lasting for about 2 h 50 min.
It's the closure of a huge project that went on from 2013 until now with a few additional suitable tracks from earlier dates included. Mostly the Duo, but you'll also find guest appearances from Cotton C AsinoRyoko Ono and Makoto Kawabata on a few tracks.
All tracks are previously unrelease with the exception of a few Soundcloud teasers.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Tin Can Music / Joxfield Bandcamp site has been updated

Tin Can Music / Joxfield Bandcamp site has been updated. Now you can check following albums for unlimited streaming and digital downloads:
- Red White Black & Pale (2020) Also on CD, few copies left.
- Fridge & Christmas Loop (2019) EP
- DJ&M Baroque Or Odd (2019 and 1969)
- Black (2017)
- Red to Red (Joxfield & Ryoko Ono) Also on LP, see link on site.
- VoxLuxRabax (2011)
- Numbers & Letters (2010)

Bandcamp site here:

Friday, March 13, 2020

VoxLuxRabax on Spotify and other streaming services

As if corona, wars and starvation wasn't hell enough for the world, now you also can listen to the harsh and brutal ambient Joxfield 2011 album "VoxLuxRabax" on Spotify and other streaming services. Soon on Bandcamp as well.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Viruses and loads of various shit

Viruses and loads of various shit that happens around the world. It's sad how it influences peoples lives. At least I can continue doing what I do a lot; reading and listening to music.

If you prefere listening to Joxfield/related stuff you can get it here. Soon there will be uploads of digital versions of Joxfield's 
3 Disc Set "Numbers & Letters" (with a lot of Friends) + 
"Red to Red" (with Ryoko Ono) + 
"VoxLuxRabax" + 
"Insult On The Dance Floor". 
Keep checking out the site.
And wash your hands before hitting the computer's keyboard, please.

The link:

Monday, March 9, 2020

"Red White Black & Pale" on Spotify and various other streaming services

From today and onward you'll find our All New 2020 Joxfield album "Red White Black & Pale" on Spotify and various other streaming services.
For physical copies check
Discreet Music
or our Bandcamp site

Saturday, March 7, 2020

"Red White Black & Pale" Release Event

Yesterday it was a very nice release event for the new Joxfield "Red White Black & Pale" CD at Discreet Music in Gothenburg.
If you're not living close by and urge for the album there are still a handful of copies left in the store and Joxfield Bandcamp before the limited edition is all gone. You can grab a copy from here: