Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changes, changes, all these changes...

For all of you devotees who cares about the really important stuff in life, like what's happening to the infamous Joxfield ProjeX, this is something for you:
A while ago MySpace made a new design of all their sites. Yes, that also included the infamous little combo as well.
As a result of that extreme make-over there was some useful links that disappeared from the front pages of our sites.
So, if you urge for reaching our various musical spheres just follow the links below.
And don't forget our beloved, befriended hero brothers Ambient DarkWhite.
Our main source, the place for the most recent stuff
Our space for ambient music and other related stuff, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.
We're not much of singers, but this is the place for some of our vocal music, maybe the most commercial side of Joxfield. Or not.
Once our space for old stuff, but since long it has been the space for our side projex and since very long it's the same bits n pieces filling the player.
This is the place for the mysterious, cult, hero brothers Ambient DarkWhite. Not too much happens on this site, but when it does, be sure to be there because it's interesting. The world stops, everyone attend: "What's in the air today? Ohh, I can feel it, there must be some new Ambient DarkWhite music around!!!"



Have you missed it?
After a couple of adventurous months when it was deleted because of some unbelievable and weird claim from A Big Film Company it's back on Internet Archive again for free and legal download. Go for it, enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oax Pick - Jazz

Hidden behind all Noise, Psych, Space, Flip, Flop is JAZZ. Relief and treasures at the same time.
Here's David Holland Quartet's "Conference of the Birds" from 1973.
The Quartet features DH, Anthony Braxton, Sam Rivers & Barry Altschul - Say no more. Post-electric 1970's jazz of best kind. Snap it!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Discogs updates

For all of you who wants to follow track:

Joxfield ProjeX' discography at Discogs has recently been updated.

Find the hits, the mythological releases, the hidden gems and all the other of our albums you are interested in.

Most of them are net label Clinical Archives free downloads (Internet Archive)
If you want an mp3 copy of the early limited releases just drop an email to
and you might receive a zip-file of interest for no cost at all.
Don't forget to write as an email subject: "I adore your music"


Friday, April 1, 2011

Hypnotic Was Up - Out now on Clinical Archives (ca432)

Nevermind what day it is - it's not a joke.
Today is the day of the release of "Hypnotic Wash Up", Joxfield ProjeX new (well...) album at Clinical Archives.

Download it for nothing at

Release info:
“While standing in my kitchen doing the wash up and listening in my ghetto-blaster to the Majestic Pattern City Revisited Evolution suite from the Joxfield ProjeX very strict limited self-release album ‘The Pond Intermezzo’ (2006) I realized how goddamn good it was and that these tracks deserved being properly released. The album was originally printed in about 20 copies which mostly were given away to some of our friends. Very few copies were sold for almost nothing. The story of the suite: For the TPI sessions Yan had made a hypnotic, long pattern to which I made a 20 minutes long guitar improvisation. Due to too many wrong notes it was re-recorded once. There was more guitar terror and even more wrong notes. There was also a short, recorded sung melody. Then Yan locked himself into his room for a couple of months, re-worked the recorded music, picked up some themes from the solos, developed it, mixed it, split it, added the treated vocal parts, added some other freaky vocal parts and finally presented what’s heard here. Maybe it’s a bit accessible to have the suite split into eight parts, but the true reason was Yan’s then car stereo which refused to play too long songs, it had to be split into parts.”

Joxfield ProjeX is a genre-free duo of Oax and Yan.
Oax: Guitars, vocal
Yan: Keyboards, programming, director

Cover art by The Dynamic Duo
Production, sounds & visions by Joxfield ProjeX
This may be Joxfield ProjeX eighth release on Clinical Archives.
As always we thank Alex for generous support