Monday, May 2, 2022

Out now on Tin Can Music

The Jane Henry Experience  - Lovesongs & Death EP

A short-lived project of Joxfield when doing some psychedelic pop-oriented songs.

Henry Etherwink - VII b

Four parts of a project with a lot of twang dang doodle guitar played over various recorded, ripped, and treated samples in a live situation at home at C Anna recorded in October 2020.

JANNE (JNNE) - Primo Secundo.

JANNE (JNNE) - Terzo Quarto

The first and second album by JANNE (JNNE), computer playing electronician residing in Stockholm, Sweden.

All four new albums are released in small CDr editions and can be found at Discreet Music.

Digital releases + streaming from Tin Can Music Bandcamp site