Sunday, September 15, 2013

Joxfield ProjeX - Archives EP 2 – Fivekus

New release today!

Joxfield ProjeX - Archives EP 2 – Fivekus

The 2nd installment in a series of 9 Joxfield ProjeX archives EP.
The tracks are edited and improved from Joxfield ProjeX' 2nd album “Nothing But Sofas" (2005), released in an edition of about 20 which were mostly given away.
Most of it was recorded late autumn 2005.  
Nothing But Sofas is one of few Joxfield ProjeX’ albums focused on vocals tracks.
Four of them are presented here.
Sounds & Visions by Joxfield ProjeX 2005-2013
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Joxfield ProjeX is a Swedish experimental avant-whatever duo consisting of Yan/Janne Andersson & Oax/Stefan Ek
Their roots of working together goes back to the late 60’s, but after a break of 30 years they re-established in 2005 as Joxfield ProjeX – a tool for bringing out new music of various kinds.

Since 2005 they have released 20 albums. 

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