Friday, March 21, 2014

Pre-Joxfield ProjeX Pt 2

Late 1968. Still no recording equipment. We continued to write and construct virtual albums (before virtuality existed), including cover art, lyrics sheets, etc. 2 copies only.
2nd Donnojanne & Maecs album - We Are Living In A Machine (15 tracks, 52 minutes, late autumn 1968)

(The great riff of the title track has since haunted us, may occure as a Joxfield ProjeX' cover in the future)


Pre-Joxfield ProjeX Pt 1

In 1968 we had no recording equipment, but plans for our music, so we started to write and construct albums, including cover art etc. Everything done in 2 copies only, one for me, one for Janne.
We called ourself Donnojanne & Maecs. The DIY of DIY.
This is the 1st - The Mystery Stone (14 songs, ca 40 minutes, autumn 1968)


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Joxfield ProjeX - Stir Fry Fish

Joxfield ProjeX – Stir Fry Fish
Monotone pulsing beats, glissando, free form guitar, electronic electricity, psychedelic rock n roll. Is this Dance Music? Yes, it is! At least the whimsically dynamic duo Joxfield ProjeX’ interprepation of it.
From “Insult on the Dance Floor” (Tin Can Music 2012)
Janne Yan & Stefan Oax: Music, Instruments, Sounds & Visions.
Henrik Schyffert : Cover art photos
Free download from here: 


Friday, March 7, 2014

Joxfield ProjeX with Judy Dyble & Nikke Ström - Over & Out

Over & Out was a track recorded in 2007 for the Joxfield ProjeX & Guest's 3 disc album "Numbers & Letters" (2010). The track was lost but has recently been found again.
Judy Dyble : Vocals
Nikke Ström : Bass
Janne Yan & Stefan Oax : Music, Words, Instruments, Sounds & Vision
Judy's CV includes not only some good solo recordings, she was also Fairport Convention's first singer as well as singer with pre-King Crimson Giles, Giles & Fripp.
Nikke is a fabulous Swedish bass player with a CV that includes... well, actually he has played with almost everyone of importance; rock, blues, experimental, psychedelic, name it!
Janne Yan & Stefan Oax's CV... Past, Present, Future