Friday, March 30, 2012

Yeah, We Love Him, Mighty Daevid!

Daevid Allen performing "Whisky Oh!" with the Wild Zinnias. St Patrick's Day 2012, The Rails Hotel, Byron Bay, Australia. Film by Slim Pickins.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Myth...


Another RARITY!!! Dark White House - House Version 2009

This is another true rarity from the Joxfield ProjeX vault.
The last track to be recorded during our first recording sessions at Camp Brana in May 2005 was Dark White House. The beats, the guitar riffs and the synth loops was recorded and then all ideas was completely lost, we were exhausted by this our first 24 hours a day of instant composing and the well seemed to have been running out of water. We were ready to get sober and return to civilization.
But, the basic track was so good, it would really have been a pity to leave it there.
Then, from out of nowhere, an idea came up: "Why not make a Gorecki?". The response was: "????". But, the idea was inspired by the beginning of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony, to start with chords with the dark, low, bass tones and then go lighter and lighter, find a crescendo and then turn back. But, in this tune the crescendo was loads of disonant and atonal key chords. The track was finnished and we did really like it, put it as the last track on disc 1 of the Dark White Morning album.

In 2009 Yan picked up the track again and made a house version of it to fill the dance floors with all these two-left-legged persons, just as us.
It could have been released as a 12" single but never was. Recently it was found in the vault and through this posting now saved to the word.
Get up and dance! Challenge yourself! Unleash!!

Dark White House - House Version 2009 by joxfieldprojex


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Holy Shit!!!! A Rarity!! Ola & The Jugglers - The Video!!!!

Holy Shit! Holy Cow!! Holy, Holy Whatever!!!!
Here's the video for the extended, previously unreleased, original "Ola & The Jugglers" track.
All of it. 25 plus minutes. A true rarity - never seen or heard like this before.
It's made by our favourite, psychedelic video-maker AltRev, alias György. It was ordered by me 'n' Yan late summer 2010 to use on a private release-party with TC3 to celebrate some new recordings we've made.
Some of these recordings ended up on "Voxluxrabax", our latest release, so far (but, don't worry, there will be more....). On the album is an edited version of Ola where the first 10 minutes of guitar banging terror is missing.
But, here's all of it! Only for you!!
The video begins with 20 seconds of silence, and then...... oh, Mah God!!!!
If your loudspeakers will shiver and shake, just nail them to the floor.
And dance!!!!!!

ThanX a lot, György!!!!

The album:

György's Joxfield videos (and some more):

And György himself:


Monday, March 19, 2012


We're getting close to three years since our first free download releases, "Bits 'n' Pieces # 1 - 13" and "Picnic", both released by Clinical Archives on 5th of April 2009 with download source from Internet Archive.
Since then our nine albums have been downloaded 171.588 times. Quite a few... The BIG hit is "Shimmering Mah No 1" with more than 35.000 downloads.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Endless Universes of Stars and Mountains

Endless Universes of Stars and Mountains by Pedantic Pedestrian

Pedantic Pedestrian sometimes show up with some great music and when hearing sample sources in this great music coming from us we're flattered. We like when people use our music as a tool to develop music of their own, it's nice and rewarding.

The words of his own:

"This is one of those pieces that was months in the making. You know the sort of thing. You record an idea, then forget about it. Then go back weeks later and see if you still like it. Then subject it to a bit of the old 'digital razorblade' if something seems to drag on too long. Then add another new bit. And so on.

It's also an imaginary soundtrack to something or other. Perhaps you can tell me what.

The voice is Lori "CC" Gomez, reciting a piece by Jack Kerouac (plus there's some of her own stuff buried in the "collage" sections). There are also samples of JOXFIELD PROJEX's "Computer #2" from their "Numbers & Letters" album. I wonder if they'll recognise themselves?"

To answer the question: Yes, the beat-masters do.
Great job, PP, spread the wings, continue to fly!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Fingerprints of "The Sacred Method" on Recent Music Heroes

Always nice to find some fingerprints of our music here and there.
We're grateful!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mwendo Dawa - Live at Montreux - THE VIDS!!!

What a surprise!
One day I write a couple of words on Mwendo Dawa's live album from Montreux 1979, and the other day I find two clips from the same concert.
"Life is funny, life is free, got all them goodies come up to me..." (T Kupferberg)

And anyone who wants to explore this great band, these great musicians, check the web of Susanna and Ove's own label, lj-records:


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Minty's Review on VoxLuxRabax

These are nice words to stumble over:

"Joxfield ProjeX, Sweden's leading purveyors of total-immersion freeform-psychedelic-kraut-space-rock-call-it-what-you-will music are back with another helping of... oh, let's not beat around the bush, it's good old honest-to-goodness NOISE! Which Is A Good Thing. If you've heard any of Oax' and Jan's previous works, you kind of probably know what to expect by now (and, presumably, have already made up your mind whether you like it or not!). Guaranteed to shake the cobwebs out of your belfry or make your coffee morning go with a swing. As they themselves say "This music should be played with full attention at any volume you like..."."

From minty's mews (

ThanX a lot, Minty

And don't forget where to get the music for the same price as you pay for the air you breathe:


Oax Pick - Mwendo Dawa - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival

Mwendo Dawa - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival (Dragon LP 1980)

For me this was an important band in the latter part of the 70's, they belonged to the ones who opened up my ears for free music expressions. Me and TC3 used to go to the jazz club Nefertiti, drink some beer, listen to whoever was playing. Some of the bands were local bands of local fame and they consisted of marvellous musicians. Some of them made an extensive career, played abroad, and so.
In the beginning Mwendo Dawa was a big band, about 7 or 8 (or more?) members. Three drummers, two basses, Susanna on piano & keyboard and Ove J on tenor sax. For me the long solo's of Ove were the highlight of their gigs, often starting modest, but then turning into fire and free form wailing - and I really loved it. The band was always great, but for me Ove was the master.
From late 70's and on to these days they've recorded a huge amount of albums; Mwendo Dawa, other groups, duos, solos, whatever. Honestly I've only heard most of the MD's albums and not the rest. The albums are great, but never near the furious peeks of the band playing live. It can be my memory failing, but this is how I remember it. Here and there you can hear Ove's sax glow on the records, sometimes getting close to fire, and the band is a great band.
Of those five MD LPs I have in my collection this live album from Montreux is the one coming closest to my memories of them playing live at Nefertiti. It's mainly structured, the loose and free form moments are few. But, I strongly recommend it. It's recorded 1979 and released the year after.
The Band: Susanna Lindeborg (piano & keys), Ove Johansson (sax), Ulf Wakenius (guitar), Anders Jormin (bass) and David Sundby (drums)


Monday, March 5, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX - Discography Part 1 - Dark White Morning

Joxfield ProjeX - Dark White Morning (2 CDR Tin Can Music 2005)

Having a back history of group names like Don & Mac, The Age, Stefan-Olofs Orkester, Viscously Cartilage, Andersson & Ek and others, Oax and Yan, the two members of our little combo took a short break in 1975.
This break happened to last for 30 years.
After a couple of years talking about "Wonder what it would be like doing some music again" finally in May 2005 we brought our simple equipment to Camp Brana and made some unprepared instant composing recordings for a week.
The result became Dark White Morning, a 2 CDR collection, about 90 minutes of music. It's unpolished and raw, almost no editing or treatments, just us playing live in the cold living room of this badly heated cottage. Very amateurish and innocent, but also a very important first step for Joxfield ProjeX.

At the end of the week it was self-printed in about 20 copies and given away to friends (or enemies some would say when hearing the music). Almost no-one heard it. Daevid Allen received a copy and wrote some nice words about it, especially about Day Clubbing, the wild disco rave tune you'll find below.

Day Clubbing by joxfieldprojex

There is no intension to make a physically re-issue of this album, but the curious ones can drop a line to and receive a download zip-file of the album. Put 'DWM' as a subject.


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swedish Azz & Gunnar Lindgren & Gilbert Holmström - Nefertiti 2012-03-02

Mighty Mighty Mighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two days ago Oax n Yan, the infamous duo of JoxProX + MCN, the official president of the unofficial JoxProX fan club + Wolf, ehhr, The Wolf, took our long legs in direction to the legendary jazz-blues-freeform-whatever club Nefertiti to watch and listen to Swedish Azz, Mats G's and Per Åke H's band who pays and plays tribute to known and unknown treasures from the Swedish jazz scene of mainly the 50's and 60's and put it into context of today. This night they were guested by Gunnar Lindgren and Gilbert Holmström, two legends!
The concert lasted for maybe 2 hours, probably one of the 10 best concerts we've ever been at (and I'm talking about loads of concerts over the last 40 years).
The track above is the encore.

Below you'll find Gilbert's composition 'Fåglarna' (The Birds), here played for the second time ever (the first time was on Swedish national radio 1966). An abstract, wonderful composition.

The vids shot by some DaniOost (thanX for this cultural deed) who we didn't notice, but from the angle point of view it could have been us, because it seems to be exactly from the position where we sat...