Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Donnojanne & Maecs

Donnojanne & Maecs (1965-69) > Don & Mac (1969-70) > The Age (1970-72) > Andersson & Ek (1970-75) > Stefan-Olofs Orkester (1972-73) > Andersson & Ek’s Viscously Cartilage (1973) > (Intermission 1975-2005) > Joxfield ProjeX (2005-?) > Ambient Darkwhite (2007-?) > Joxfield ProjeX ADW (2017-?)

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Upcoming plans for 2018/2019:
Donnojanne & Maecs Legacy will present newly made intepretations of music written by Don J Larwott & Mac M McCleado 1968-1969. 
The interpretations will focus on the melodies in the compositions, arranged for a small scale ensemble. 
This is the first time this music will be heard in 50 years.
Stay tuned!


Monday, May 14, 2018

What new music looks like

2017 was the year when Joxfield ProjeX did make some live explorations. It's not finished yet, there are still developments to do. How it will end no-one knows
2018 has so far been a very creative year working with a lot of new music in home studio enviroment. Here's a piece called "Bass to the Camp", Janne & Stefan's joined forces in a minimalistic, uptempo, danceable tune where things happens slowly, if at all.
Beware! Be Aware! Be There!