Monday, March 28, 2011

The Vegetable Man Project Vol 6

Vegetable Man-Effervescent Elephant Medley

Almost forgotten about this... The story:
During the early days of our extended MySpace career we became friends with nice fellows Airwaves, a Swedish combo playing some friendly pop music. Maybe not the music we play ourself, but nevermind, they're kind people.
Once Patrik Arvidsson, the guitarplayer of Airwaves, asked us for some collaboration. The Airwaves gals and guys had a fascination for Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd stuff and should participate on a Vegetable Man tribute album (Volume 6) with their version of Vegetable Man (connected with Effervescent Elephant).
In 2007, at the end of our "Numbers & Letters" sessions we took up the tune.
We were asked to add something after the guitar solo at 1.59 minutes ("but don't touch anything before that"), so, at 1.59 we threw out every original file of the tune except the drums and Sussie's vocals, entered Yan's fat keyboard chords and my kind-of-tribute-to-David-Gilmour's-ca-1971-playing guitar. With a good mix, great mastering and re-entery of the nice (is it?) dobro sliding it all becoame a nice piece of joint music (?!?!). The artists name used was AirwavesJoxfield.

ThanX Patrik for initiative and a believe in us playing pop music.

Somewhere there probably is an album and if you find it you can buy it, it has its moments. Enjoy!


Sunday, March 27, 2011