Friday, July 20, 2012

"Wake Up" by Craig Linke

Wake Up from Craig Linke on Vimeo.

Once Craig Linke, an Australian experimental film maker, made a request to us about using one of our tunes for a film. Of course we said Yes to it.
Then I realised after a couple of years I'd forgotten about it and wrote a mail about what happened.
He answered quickly: 


I did make the film and I'm quite proud of it! I entered it into a
festival but wasn't selected.
After that it kind of got left which is a bit of a shame. But your
email prompted me to upload it to Vimeo. You can see it here:
Enjoy and thanks again.  

And I just agree, enjoy. It reminds me of some short film I once saw that was made in the early 20th century by people such as Man Ray and Jean Cocteau.