Saturday, July 24, 2010

Life Is Funny.... Tuli RIP

Read the news today, o boy...
Well, read today, but actually not the news of today, but, anyway, on the 12th this month Tuli Kupferberg passed away at the age of 86.
Both as writer, anarcho-beat-poet, singer and composer this guy has made parts of our lives much funnier, more serious and better.
For about twelve days ago, for no specific reason, maybe just coincidential, when driving the rented car through the landscape I put on a burnt CD, 'The Fugs - Live in the 60's' and through the partly bad sound quality I heard songs and presentations of them that made my mind go spiritual clear of pure joy, songs as the Tuli epic 'Nothing', here recorded in Sweden and called 'The Swedish Nada'. Maybe an homage without knowing playing these tracks.
Otherwise, for you who have no relationship to this guy, start the journey with 'Life Is Funny', a 14 seconds happy pop tune from the 1968 album "It crawled into my hand honest":

Life is funny
Life is free
Got all them goodies come to me
It's so funny I could cry
It's so funny you could die
It's so funny


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