Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Joxfield ProjeX & Cotton Casino - Casino Royal

Finally it has arrived even to me, the beautiful little beasty peice of plastics.
Thanks A LOT Jean-Jacques Arnould & Bambalam.records for wonderful support - True heroes in Joxfield's life!!!
Joxfield Projex & Cotton Casino "Casino Royal" "
LP BBLP 026 - 2015
39 minutes of psychedelic electro pop, obscure, interesting, challenging and easy listening at the same time.
Cotton C Asino is a Japanese female singer from Acid Mothers Temple Official.
Joxfield ProjeX is a Swedish irrational dynamic psychedelic electro pop duo producing avant-whatever music.
"Submarine Trees" Featuring Makoto Kawabata from Acid Mothers Temple.
Marco Paschke, who been working with a lot of bands like Einstuerzend Neubauten and Swans will do the vinyl mastering.
Cover art painting by: Hawk Alfredson...
BBLP 026 (Lp)
14,99 € France, port inclus.
18,99€ Rest of the world (inc. shipping).
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