Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year Folks ! ! ! New Album Teaser ! !

New album coming up in 2012:

Insult on the Dance Floor

Joxfield ProjeX enters the Big Saloons - Watch Out ! ! !

Figures of Glass - a little teaser from the Insult on the Dance Floor album.
Enjoy a lot !

Figures of Glass by joxfieldprojex

The Dynamic Duo

Friday, December 30, 2011

Rare Joxfield ProjeX Track

The Pond Intermezzo (2006) was Joxfield ProjeX 4th release in a year. It was a 3 CD set and consisted of more than 3 hours of music. Its only release so far was self-printed in 20 copies which mostly were given away to friends in urgent need of new Joxfield ProjeX music. The first track on CD 2 is 'Dark Pitch', the track below, a dark dense psychedelic, mostly improvised marsch, also Part 1 in the Black Night Theme Suite (Mah God! where did all these names come from?).
Oax: Guitar
Yan: Pattern, keyboard, bass, programmed drums
Anyone interested in a zip-file of the whole album for free send a sign to (subject: TPI)

Dark Pitch by joxfieldprojex


Oax Pick - Tarfala Trio - Syzygy

Tarfala Trio - Syzygy (NoBusiness Records 2011, 2 x LP + SingleSided 7")

Anyone who didn't think you needed some great music the days between Christmas and New Year? If so, you're wrong, very, very much wrong.
Here's a mighty majestic 2LP + ½ 7" album by Tarfala Trio - some of the best improvised trio music you can get these days.
Mats Gustafsson blows his horns, Barry Guy speak to his bass like he (or it?) was God and Raymond Strid, ahh, Raymond Strid, what a percussive master he is - whatever he can't do with percussion has not to be done at all.
Four side-long tracks (+ the single-sided 7"), recorded live in Belgium and released in a most beautiful package, including a 12" photo-book, by the high quality Lithuania label NoBusiness Records.
Yet another day has been aurally saved.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Terrascope Rumble December 2011

For those of you who can't get enough of yours truely's reviewing of some odd sounds of muzak there is a new Terrascope Rumble section out now to wsave the last days before New Year. Pay a lot of attention to all great music mentioned in the long text. The last 1/3 written by yours truely. Take it away, Bob!

Joxfield ProjeX Brings You Silent Night/Night Silence

Part 1

Part 2

A recycled video made by The Altrev.
Music by your favourite band, of course

メルツバウ / 秋田昌美: Merry Christmas! (Merzbow's Silent Night)

A nice little video to reflect on


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Oax Pick - Alternative Christmas Album # 8 a,b,c & d - Eric Burdon & the Animals

Eric Burdon & The Animals - Winds of Change (1967)
Eric Burdon & The Animals - The Twain Shall Meet (1968)
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Every One of Us (1968)
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Love is (2 LP 1968)

This is one of the world's most underestimated band ever in my personal opinion, and when the book of rock and psychedelic music is written over and over again the band is often sadly overlooked. And it's a shame because the were so bloody good. Four albums (5 LPs) in little more than one year - and what a year!
Some of the tracks might be a bit dated, but most of them are classics amongst Joxfield friends and families. And God! how drunk we were when we tried to dance to some of them in those days.
The band? EB, of course, but also Berry Jenkins (drums) from the old Animals, and then added with Vic Briggs (guitar - the powerful attack-riff on Sky Pilot - it's his!), John Weider (guitar, violin) and Danny McCulloch (bass). For EOoU Zoot Money (keys, vocals) was added and for Love Is VB and DM left, Andy Summers joined (guitar - his 5 minutes solo on Coloured Rain is one of rock history's Top 10 guitar excesses).
A good bunch of albums to spend the day before Christmas Eve.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Aaaahh - A REAL Joxfield ProjeX Xmas Gift

Fridge Leftovers Comes Alive by joxfieldprojex

First came the rain, then the snow, just like an ordinary Swedish winter.
This is an un-released track from the infamous 2009 Novemeber Session at Camp Kolpebo. A week-long day and night session. The result became a lot of rough mixes of 4 hours of music, sounds & visions.
Four of the tracks found the daylight on the VoxLuxRabax album this year.
Find it for free here:

One of the plans was also to record a kind of pop music album during that session, Captain Solar Disk Cocooning (in the Joxfield ProjeX way (which means not THAT much pop)), a collection of tunes mostly with vocals. 'Fridge Leftovers Comes Alive' is one of these tracks, a bit jazz influenced.
Yan: Basic pattern, bass, programmed drums, keyboard (including one of the few, but very appreciated moments when Yan flip the keys and becomes a real live musician, which he sometimes pretend he's not)
Oax: Words, improvised sort of melody, guitar, ebow
Recorded live over the basic pattern with just one overdub each.

Open your heart!


Oax Pick - Alternative Christmas Album # 6 & # 7 - Iggy Pop & Acid Mothers Temple

Two albums? Let me explain...

Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power (1973)
Anytime, anywhere when I need to clean my messy mind I put on this record. It has been a part of the life of Joxfield och friends for almost 40 years and it has never failed it's mission - to bring us joy and rock n roll. So, when stumbling around in the city, trying to fix what has to be fixed with Christmas gifts, et cetera, being forced to hear one version worse than another of crappy Christmas songs playing in every "#¤%& loudspeaker in every "#¤%%& store, I find myself coming to an end: This Is It!!!!
Then I go back home, turn the original Iggy & The Stooges album on. Ron, Scott, James & Iggy save my mind once again. ThanX!!!

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO - The Ripper at the Heavens Gates of Dawn (2011)
Back to normal again, when the messy mind has been cleared, this is the choise. Could actually have been almost any album by these magnificent Japanese paychedelic weirdos from inside outa space. By releasing about 5 - 10 AMT related albums a year a single pick isn't the easiest task, but nevermind... I go for the newest one. A Mothers album a day keeps the doctor away (but Santa close enough to bring you gifts...)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oax Pick - Un-Alternative Christmas Album # 5 - Dylan, Dean & Kurt

Bob Dylan - Christmas in the heart (2009)
Maybe not too much of an alternativ Christmas album, but can't stop being fascinated by the crackling voice of this legendary old goat. And, if anyone would have a time machine in 1966 and had sended Mr BD to our time, showing him this album, what would he have said? (The Times They Are a-Changin') Anyway, in a world where the two best un-alternative Christmas albums are Dean Martin's Making Spirits Bright and Kurt Olsson's Jul KURT med Damorkestern even Mr BD's album can match a bit.

This post is dedicated to Lasse Brandeby (a.k.a. Kurt Olsson) who sadly passed away way too early about a month ago. Bless him!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great Christmas & New Year Hip Gong Gift !

New Year Hip Gong by ambientdarkwhite

We'd like to celebrate. The year has come to an end. We celebrate this by presenting an old famous hit by Ambient DarkWhite, 'New Year Hip Gong' a.k.a 'Hip Gong' a.k.a 'New Year Hop Hop' which strictly speaking is Ambient DarkWhite's fabulous remake of Joxfield ProjeX' 'Prince Gong Climbes The Great Wall At Mutianyu', the opening track from our 2006 release Nothing But Sofas. It's also the title track for Memories Of My Illusions blog which you sooner or later will find out when hearing the lyrics of this happy tune...

Merry Joxmas & Happy New Year ! ! !


Oax Pick - Nostalgia # 1 - Acid Mothers Gong

Acid Mothers Gong Live @ 06 Uncon (DVD 2008)
It was 3 evenings/nights 3 - 5th of November 2006, the Gong Uncon at Melkweg in Amsterdam. Me 'n' Yan were there together with 1500 or so Gongster from all around the world. Head-line the first night was Acid Mothers Gong - Daevid, Gilli, Josh, Hiroshi, Atsushi, Yoshida & Kawabata - freaking out for 70 minutes of poetic varieté and variable music improvisations.
Mighty nice being there, something of a kind that will never happen again, I guess.
Watching the DVD after a day filled with pre-Christmas cleaning of the appartment, washing some rugs, etc, brings me some emotional nostagia coming to my mind. You Never Blow Yr Trip Forever.

Oax Pick - Alternative Christmas Album # 4 - Milk Illusion

Milk Illusion - Demo EP (2011)
Why not? Keep the family close, one day they might be the ones who pay your bills.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Oax Pick - Alternative Christmas Album # 3 - John Mayall

John Mayall - Back to the Roots (2 LP 1971)
The voice, the playing, the strong songs, the huge ability to find right musicians for his music.... Say no more.
(This posting dedicated to TC3)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oax Pick - Alternative Christmas Album # 2 - First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit - The Big Black & The Blue (2010)
Two sisters, Klara & Johanna Söderberg, performing lovely weird folk tunes, inspired by people like Joanna Newsom, Fleet Foxes & Bright Eyes.... but, wait... They're much better than being inspired copycats. Mighty original with wonderful vocal harmonies and strong tunes. Their future has just started.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oax Pick - Alternative Christmas Album # 1 - Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Between My Head & The Sky (2009)
When this great artist returned to the music scene it was with a brave and experimental album combining freesinging tunes with beautiful melodies. Yoko sings, Sean Lennon produces and plays together with a handful mainly Japanese great musicians.
An album that makes the day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Joxfield ProjeX BnP's Investigation recycled

There are some guy John Tocher having a pretty interesting album project called Sadayatana.
On a new release, Sadayatana 051: Black City he's presenting a 3 hour set of compiled music to which he has added mystic sounds, field recordings, effects, etc.
One of the tracks used is "Investigation" from JP cult album Bits & Pieces.

You can download John's effort from

And don't forget the original source:


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oax Pick - Mount Everest Trio

Waves from Albert Ayler (LIM LP 1975)(Atavistic CD 2000)

Finally, at last, brought to my sublime collection of great music, this masterpiece of Swedish, openminded free jazz. Three musical masterminds from Gothenburg together as a trio; Gilbert Holmström on saxes is blowing my head off with his brilliant and intensive clever play, Kjell Jansson on double bass is stable as a rock, sometimes letting the bassnotes fly like a bird over the rock instead of being one, and Conny "Bonke-Conny" Sjökvist on drums was probably born on a drummers chair, presenting rhythms and polyrhythms as a most natural force from him. Three musicains, one body. I once had the vinyl version, but it was lost and if it ever is on sale it's for huge amounts on money, a couple of hundred dollars or so. The CD re-issue from Canadian Atavist do have three bonus track recorded in 1978 which for once makes the CD version superior to the LP (Hmmmm). Also hard to get and you have to be prepared to open up you wallet a bit. The replica of the LP cover do have a mark of a price tag in the upper right corner (which wasn't a part of the original cover design). Charming, but it also shows how hard it is to get a copy of the original.
Liner notes by Mats Gustafsson. Anyone surprised?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tin Can Music Netlabel

Tin Can Music has for years been a low profile label used as a tool for strict limited CDR self-releases by Joxfield ProjeX.
This will continue.

But, Tin Can Music has also transformed into a Netlabel with the ability to mainly release Joxfield ProjeX music for free to thoses who don't want to share their money with us.

Joxfield ProjeX will constantly continue to move around exploring sounds in the fields of psychedelic, space rock, kraut, improvised, electric, electronic, progressive, free from, ambient, noise, jazz, spoken word, and more.

Stay vital, keep informed!


Old stuff:

Joxfield ProjeX - VoxLuxRabax (Tin Can Music Netlabel 2011)

We're proud to present:

Joxfield ProjeX – VoxLuxRabax
(Tin Can Music VLR)


01. Lingering Above 10.03
02. Abandoned Asteroid – Space Journey 10.15
03. Ola & The Jugglers 14.40
04. Cats Sing Strange Songs 16.53

This is Joxfield ProjeX’ new release.
It’s psychedelic music, it’s kraut and space. There are even some brutal ambient.
It’s created through free form minds, sometimes within frames of steady beats, sometimes not.
It’s very electric.

Yan plays keyboard, program heavy drums, add some weird sounds here and there.
Oax play guitar, sometimes with ebow, sometimes just punch it and see what happens.

Most of the music is recorded live at Kolpebo, Sweden, with few overdubs and edits.
Production, sounds & visions by Joxfield ProjeX 2009-2011

This music should be played with full attention at any volume you like.

Find it here:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hallow's Night

A somewhat weird kind of video of Airwaves Joxfield's "Hallow's Night".
Recorded as a collaboration tune a couple of years ago.
Who's done the video? No idea.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Lost Track # 1

Spooky Tooth
Spooky Two (LP, Island Records, ILPS 9098)
Because of the magnificent riff (Tony Iommi would have loved to be the one who made it), the carving-metal falsetto co-vocals (not of the BeeGees helium-voiced kind), the expressive and wonderful two minutes guitar solo.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dragons on Radio Amarna

If you can't get enough of old Joxfield ProejX' tunes?
Try Radio Amarna, the great Independent Internet Radio Of The University Of Akhet-Aten.
In this months program "Dragons Fly in the Night" from Concret Letters A-M.
Joxfield ProjeX guested by Geoff Leigh in an inspired mood; singing, playing soprano sax & flute, arranging the brass - it's a great moment!
Find it here in the 3rd part of the show:

Thanks to Johannes Bearlap for great and constant support


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Terrascope Rumbles August 2011

Anyone addicted to the Rumbles reviews from yours truely?
Last third part of the selected section
Get it immediately at

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Numbers & Letters in Terrascope

Yours truely's favourite on-line magazine Terrascope offers this month a nice review of Numbers & Letters.
A new album by Joxfield? Oh, no, but a classic is a classic (hehe), nothing we can do anything about.
ThanX to Simon Lewis for nice words like these:

"Featuring the talents of Yan and Oax, Oxfield Projex latest offering is a sprawling triple CD-R collection the includes elements of Kosmiche Music, electronics, drone, experimental sounds and psychedelia, all blended skilfully to create a sound of their own. Those wondering about the Terrascope link may be interested to know that Oax is better known as Stefan Ek, whose delightful prose have graced the Rumbles column on several occasions and, hopefully, will do so again.

Moving swiftly on, disc one, entitled “Abstract Numbers” contains 10 pieces of music that feature guitars, synths, efx, samples and various manipulations, each has a similar feel, although there is enough variety to hold the listeners interest, with the stop/start strangeness of “have I Been Here Before” and the bubbly cut-up nature of “A Secret Door” catching my ear, whilst “balinese Jig” contains some excellent guitar noises within its grooves.

Moving on to disc two, entitled “Concrete Letters A-M”, we are greeted by the electronic groove of “In The Garden of Eden”, a Heavy bass line getting your head nodding as a Soprano sax, dances spasmodically around the room. On “Kenji Self-Unit” there is a definite Fripp influence present, whilst the excellent “Electric Apple” is a fine slice of modern psych, with more wonderful guitar playing. To be honest, the whole disc crackles with vitality, the arrangement and melodies ensuring the music shines out, alive and ready to free your mind.

Last but not least, Disc three, “Concrete Letters N-Z”, not only maintains the quality of what has gone before but actually raises it, to my mind the strongest of the three discs. First highlight is “Ruff and Tough”, a glorious wave of noise, guitars and “Wild Organ” competing to out manoeuvre each other over a solid rock beat and burbling electronics, the mood softened by the following track “Mind the Gap”, which shimmers gorgeously, with some great vocal samples adding a devotional edge. This is the perfect bridge between the noise of the previous track and the delightfully relaxing mood of “Shimmering Aohm”, the guitar just drifting in a haze, whilst subdued beats add a heartbeat to the proceeding. After the Kraut-rock roar of “Silent Night-Night Silence”, there is a strong Gong feel to the space-psych of “The Entropy is Strong” which features some wonderful flute playing, the disc finally brought to a close by “No Kro Poh”, a fragile piece with sitar, soft vocals and samples of rain, thunder and fire, sweet ambience indeed.

There you have it, Not only do these guys write for the Terrascope, they also find time to write and record some damn fine music, give them a listen, at least, they surely would appreciate it. (Simon Lewis)"


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Reliable Kert!

From our favourite, Kert Semm, on his blog Recent Music Heroes (
we did find these kind words:

Joxfield ProjeX - Hypnotic Wash Up (2011)

Clinical Archives

/Kosmische musik, Krautrock, Psychedelia, Avant-rock, Fusion, Progressive rock, Space rock, Dance rock/

Comment: One of my favs (from Sweden) are back with a brand new reminds me of the first CAN`s issue I have ever heard - CAN (1979), which is used to be ashamedly underrated by the musical press worldwide. More detailly, those subtly flowing, high-ridged guitar riffs are pulled off to the frontline, slightly danceable spaced-out washes ride into a listener`s consciousness, subdued autotuned vocals, altogether making lots of sense through dynamic jamming sessions. Space-funk, kraut-fusion etc... Hipernotik.

Whatelse can we do but thank dear ol' Kert!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cough, cough - Wisdom

If you ever doubt...


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oax Pick - Coltrane's Impressions

Re-buying stuff on vinyl? Crazy, but I do it and I love it. It's like re-opening doors, coming in to rooms you haven't being visiting for a while. Here's John Coltrane's "Impressions" (Impulse A-42), a classic masterpiece as with so many others of his records. The addition of Eric Dolphy's bass-clarinette on the opener "India" - wow!!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oax Pick - Keith Tippett's Ark

Being a fan of King Crimson as well as Canterburians like Soft Machine and such in the early 70's you also came across the magnificant piano player Keith Tippett. His freely floating fingers, atonal gestures fascinated.

When realising he had released some albums with his Keith Tippett Group we just had to check 'em up. "Dedicated to You, but You Weren't Listening' was great and from that one the step into Centipede's "Septober Energy" wasn't long. Four side-long tracks, a short-lived 50-piece big-band of jazz-freejazz-rock. It became an aural classic.

Please, don't ask me to explain it, but for reasons I actually don't know the "follow up" to Centipede, Keith Tippett's Ark and their album "Frames - Music for an Imaginary Film", became a hidden treasure which I discovered last year. Released on Ogun Records in 1978 (OGD 003/004), also four side-long tracks, also a big band, 20 musicians, jazz-freejazz, composed as well as improvised, well-known players like Elton Dean, Peter Kowald and Julie Tippett etc, as well as for me unknown musicians. It's an amazing album and even though it really annoys me that I didn't discover it until reasently it also makes me happy to find out there still are some unheard true tresures left. It brings light into the life of a addictional music lover.
For you who hates vinyl I think it's also realeased on CD


What The Heck?

(c) Ted Eastman



Saturday, May 7, 2011

Clinical Archives Mix April 2011

A couple of months ago Clinical Archives started a compilation series, Clinical Archives Mix.
On the 4th volume, the April 2011 edition, you can find a contribution from your local heroes. Check it, download it, enjoy the abbreviated Joxfield ProjeX.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Book I Read - Just Kids by Patti Smith

Patti Smith on her years with Robert Mapplethorp.
Just Kids.
Magnificent! Read it! It's an order!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changes, changes, all these changes...

For all of you devotees who cares about the really important stuff in life, like what's happening to the infamous Joxfield ProjeX, this is something for you:
A while ago MySpace made a new design of all their sites. Yes, that also included the infamous little combo as well.
As a result of that extreme make-over there was some useful links that disappeared from the front pages of our sites.
So, if you urge for reaching our various musical spheres just follow the links below.
And don't forget our beloved, befriended hero brothers Ambient DarkWhite.
Our main source, the place for the most recent stuff
Our space for ambient music and other related stuff, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.
We're not much of singers, but this is the place for some of our vocal music, maybe the most commercial side of Joxfield. Or not.
Once our space for old stuff, but since long it has been the space for our side projex and since very long it's the same bits n pieces filling the player.
This is the place for the mysterious, cult, hero brothers Ambient DarkWhite. Not too much happens on this site, but when it does, be sure to be there because it's interesting. The world stops, everyone attend: "What's in the air today? Ohh, I can feel it, there must be some new Ambient DarkWhite music around!!!"