Sunday, October 16, 2011

Joxfield ProjeX - VoxLuxRabax (Tin Can Music Netlabel 2011)

We're proud to present:

Joxfield ProjeX – VoxLuxRabax
(Tin Can Music VLR)


01. Lingering Above 10.03
02. Abandoned Asteroid – Space Journey 10.15
03. Ola & The Jugglers 14.40
04. Cats Sing Strange Songs 16.53

This is Joxfield ProjeX’ new release.
It’s psychedelic music, it’s kraut and space. There are even some brutal ambient.
It’s created through free form minds, sometimes within frames of steady beats, sometimes not.
It’s very electric.

Yan plays keyboard, program heavy drums, add some weird sounds here and there.
Oax play guitar, sometimes with ebow, sometimes just punch it and see what happens.

Most of the music is recorded live at Kolpebo, Sweden, with few overdubs and edits.
Production, sounds & visions by Joxfield ProjeX 2009-2011

This music should be played with full attention at any volume you like.

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