Saturday, February 28, 2009

Salt Of The Earth

TC3 at the salt department of the grocery store.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Not A Calm Evening

Yesterday evening Yan arrived for a short stay for a couple of days.
Usually he arrives about 11 PM after driving with his wife from Stockburg Gotholm, but this time he surprised me by arriving a couple of hours earlier.
My calm-evening-watching-TV-from-my-favourite-place-in-the-sofa was sabotaged.
"WHERE IS IT?", was the first thing he said.
"What?" I answered.

he said.
"Oh, on the balkony" I said.
Just a few minutes later:
"AND THE REST!!!" he demanded.
"?????" was the look of my face.

, of course" he said.
I just had to go and get it.
And then there was a couple of hours drinking, listening to Oax-Goes-DJ stuff
(= psychedelic, old, new, noise - even Yan had to agree Merzbow have some qualities ....)
and not too few of oddities from the Joxfield ProjeX' mythological vault.
Late to bed.
Early up, away to my daytime job.
From the inside of Yan's bedroom I could hear some deep

A bit tired because of too little sleep, but at least I'm happy not feeling like

Later today

will arrive. He's good at cooking and I think there also will be some beers, booze and Muzak tonight.
Life repeats itself sometimes...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Too Much

A new week, another day... eehhr... but, wait... The week isn't new and the day... well.
Life goes on and what to report? Eeerrh...

Last Saturday I went to MW's 60th birthday party. During the evening and the early night a lot of snow was falling, so when it was time for me to take my bike home from the railway station of the city in the middle of the night I found something like....

But, what the heck, it was just to start my journey home.... Just me and a couple of cars..

The rest of the weekend and the following days, after work, I continued with improving the sound quality for the Joxfield future releases PICNIC and BITS AND PIECES # 1 - 13 (More about that later...)

And then came the sun, than came the plus degrees Celcius, then the sun went away and this morning the rain is pouring down. And I really mean POURING DOWN.
Just an ordinary winter development on the Swedish Westcoast. Gosh!!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Moments

We do have a great town library here in Gothenburg.
We do also have some great, openminded concert arrangers, as Koloni.
Tonight there was arranged a free concert with the UK Manchester duo Liondialer, two guys on guitar + laptop & efx and cello + laptop & efx. Both of them also sampled loops during the fully improvised set of two lengly tunes. The second of them had a guest appearance by a good friend of them, unfortunately I didn't hear his name.
Good sounds, good music... yeah, good moments that makes you happy.
We were at least 100 in the audience. That's also nice. There is hope for the citizens of Gothenburg.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Sometimes good music comes to you unexpected...
A couple of days ago, at a concert with German cult-guys Cluster at Nefertiti, there was a table with CDs and LPs you could buy. The iDEALIST Joachim N recommended a few LPs and I bought them.
One of them was the combined vinyl only 7" + 12" release "Lost In Reflections" by one-man drone-ambient band Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words.
It's beautiful beyond belief. Aural events when meeting the ambients sounds circulating around the soft guitar, mostly played with loads of effects.
And the guy's recording these marvellous sounds in Kortedala, the same city area where Yan and I met, spend our childhood and youth, made our first 100 hours of music. Nice.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dessert & The Helpful Son # 3

It's nice when your kids grows up, son # 3 had his 17th birthday a couple of months ago.
Yesterday some of my friends were here for dinner.
Starters and main dish I had ideas about, but the desert....
So, I asked J if he would like to find out something for desert and then fix it.
He did.

The sauce is made of cream and white chocolate.
ThanX J.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Re-Entry Of The Month - 2009 February

Sitting here checking some Joxfield stuff.
Suddenly there was the old tracks. As both Yan and me are so occupied with recent and future music there's not much time left for listening to either other artists music nor any of our own older tracks.
Especially not our own old stuff...
So, here I was sitting listening to some Dark White Morning tracks.
And my mind started to spin.

Let's go back to the summer of 1975.
When we did our music we were using the name Andersson & Ek. All we recorded was for ourself and was never ever released anywhere.
Maybe we thought that some stuff we'd been doing a year earlier in 1974 would be the last by us, but there was another 25 minutes recorded this summer. Unfinnished pieces of music.
Then there was this intermission for 30 years.

The 2nd of May 2005 we're sitting at Camp Brana with our simple equipment and a bag of old stuff from the pre-historic days, just in case. For an hour we actually tried to record something, but both of us thought it was disasterously boring.
"Let's skip it!", we both said, "let's just play something, an improvisation..."

Two minutes of adjusting the sounds of the instruments, checking the computer, finding two chords and then... RECORD!

HARRICANE - the first track to be recorded by Joxfield ProjeX.
Primitive and rough. Just two instruments: the distorted guitar and the mean keyboards. 100% instant music. No overdubs, no editing, no mixing, no nothing but this rough Take One. The sound quality is poor, but you can feel the energy of this krauty piece. We went on the the next instant composed track and next and next...

Since then a lot has happened, at least both Yan and me think so, other might think not.
We're still crappy musicians, but we're so filled with ideas that we almost explode.
We're better at using equipment and various tools needed for the making of the music, we're better at making the music itself.

After the learning curve of DarkWhiteMorning, NothingButSofas & ThePondIntermezzo we're on for other missions, some you've noticed here and there (especially on myspace players), some still in process and waiting for its releases of any kind.

I did just get an idea of connecting The History (2005 and on) with what's happening nowadays by uploading some old released or unreleased stuff on the player once a
month, or so, RE-ENTRY OF THE MONTH.

Hurricane for 2009 February, let's see what March can bring...


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Words Without Pix


I just noticed it was a while ago.
Time slips in a terrible speed.
Yesterday some snow in the air and later on the ground.
Today it was gone, just small spots of snow in the morning, gone in the afternoon.
Mah God, such an interesting observation.

Well, the last days have been filled with some administration stuff of various kind which might show some dirictions for the future.
More about that another time.

The first lengthly track of the year is more or less finnished (41 minutes):
A virtual LP, one track (or if you prefere: a split version where the piece ís cut into six shorter pieces, four on SIDE A and two on SIDE B)
Basicly space-jam, jam-psych, jam-jam...whatever you'd like to call it. A lot of noodling guitars to awkward keyboardchords, heavy basses and straight drums and percussions...
Let's see what the future will bring to it, probably some availability for free downloads somewhere sometime.

Until next inspiring posting: