Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video-time!!! - Jerry Lewis Makes You Exhausted

Words for the karaoke sessions: I'm a little busy body though I know it's very shoddy, I insist on knowing what is going on with everybody, Cause I'm such a busy body Always prying always spying I'm defying anyone to try to hide the fact from me-- --Now Mrs. Jones is with the doctor and her pulse he's finally clocked her Suddenly she sees me peeking and to all her friends I'm shrieking, "Mrs. Jones' valve is leaking! a mechanic she is seeking cause the clutch needs overhauling and her motor's always stalling." Mrs. Jones, you lonesome gal, you finally lost your trade in value. Now we come to Mr. Clunk, He thinks that I'm a little punk! He's always keeping up with Jones, and while I tapped his telephone, I learned that they will disconnect if soon the bill they don't collect, the sheriff's gonna take it back-- his brand new shiny Cadillac. So now I pass the news around that "Mr. Clunk is bankrupt bound!" I'm ruining his credit and I know he won't forget it Though he thought I was a little punk that cabbage headed Mr. Clunk I got the bank to fume and fret! They took his home, and better yet they grabbed his television set because I'm such a busy body! I'm a little busy body! If you drink an extra Toddy I will spot it long before you thought it, I'll be pointing to your house and tellin' folks that you're a souse! So I admit I am a louse. It's so much fun to tell the neighbors that you're underneath the weather And they ought a get together Using you as an example to their kids of what a tramp'll do if he is off the wagon, now your reputation's draggin' Cause you took an extra Toddy. And I'm tellin' everybody that you're more than slightly dizzy Now I've got you in the tizzy Cause I'm such a very busy little busy body! I'm the death of every party. You should hear the things I say when Truth or Consequence we play! I state the age of Mrs. Done! I tell 'em she is sixty-one and that her face is lifted, and her cargo's slightly shifted. There are couples kissing in the dark. I use my flashlight for a lark. And Joan is hugging Mortimer, and she's engaged to Mr. Shore. I'm hiding in the cuspidor and flash the light upon their face while they are locked in fond embrace and Mr. Shore then wrecks the place. I'm such a busy body breaking up a lovely party! Mabel Smith is on the scale, and suddenly she's growing pale! For in a chorus, so endearing, I have got the neighbors cheering, "Darling what a lovely weight! You weigh One-hundred Eighty-Eight!" You lick the pattern off the plate And then you bleed for more to eat! You look just like a strange falloon that drifted to us from the moon And scientists much watch their step an' see if you're a secret weapon. That is how the gossip goes and all because I stick my nose in other peoples' dirty clothes a heavy winded guy am-- I don't need a breath to say good bye because I'm such a busy little busy bodyyy..... busy booody-- buuuuusy bodyyyy!!! Booody buss--- Gah--I haven't got any breath left!! I'm so-- BUsy bo-- Busy BOOOoodyyyyyy!!! I'm choking I *gags*..... *HUGE BREATH* I'm a little busy bodyyyyy!!!! *** *********** Heard this song some 30 or 40 years ago and it hasn't left me since. Say what you want about these all American guys (and there's a lot to say), but it's great entertainment. O'

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oax Pick - Depeche Mode's "Songs of faith and devotion"

This is not a fantastic album. Or maybe it is. In the beginning, in the early 80's, I thought this band was ridiculous, something that would last a year or two, until the kids got tired of it and chose another pop band to adore, like kids do. Bay City Rollers of 1980. AAAAWWWW Mah God!!! How wrong I was! A couple of years later one great tune after another showed up and I feld a bit annoyed, I don't like being wrong, at least not in my opinion of music. Then great albums showed up, one after another and now, after all these years it's time to come out of the cave and ask for forgiveness. I'M SORRY, GUYS - I WAS WRONG!!! But, now that's history. This is a magnificent band, doing magnificent music (oh, no, not ALL of it, but very very much). Today, when listening to their "Songs of faith and devotion" I feld it was time to focus them in one Oax Pick. The opening, "I feel you" is a monster of a kind almost no-one creates in an entire career, it has enough power for a whole album (but, it would have been a short album). Then it goes on, strong tunes, mostly low tempo (the early 90's was filled with down-tempo). It's a strong band, Dave's voice is one of the best in rock, a lot of Martin's tunes are some of the best in modern rock music and the playing from all of them is nothing but...... I bow my head in deep respect. Well, now it's said, let's go back into the cave, start reject the genius of the future, go back to normal, noise and freeform, drone and ambient, psych and space, jazz and...... pop music and rock music... Shit! I'll never get away from this as long as I live... O'

Oax Pick - Burning Spear's "Marcus Garvey"

I'm not much of a raggae guy, but when it works it works fine. There are some great stuff from about 1970, plus/minus 5 years. This is one of them. Mostly I use to like the dub versions of whatever much better than the original ones. This is an exception. Burning Spear's "Marcus Garvey" is filled with two of the most important components in music: strong, hypnotic melodies and a hell of a voice. You lean back and fall into the grooves of the now classic music, melt into another Universe, hearing Winston Rodney's voice, like a distorted Roebuck "Pops" Staples, yelling his message. No, I'm not much of a rastafari guy either, but when hearing this album things happens with hair, at least what's left of it. O'

Monday, May 7, 2012

Neneh Cherry & The Thing - New Vid

This is really bloody great! Pop music we're not used to hear. From forthcoming album, The Cherry Thing. Ticky tacky tickyyy!!! O'

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shit Bloody Shit ! ! ! - Thomas is Dead ! ! !

Not only being legendary co-founder of Träd Gräs & Stenar, Thomas Mera Gartz was also a masterful wizzard with the rhythm sticks, one of our favourite psych-trance-space-rock percussionists ever. A couple of years ago TG & S unexpectedly lost their bass-player Torbjörn Abelli and today I did get the news that Thomas unexpectedly as well has past away, getting rapidly ill on Saturday, dying on Sunday. It's big loss not only for family and close relatives, but also to the music world, especially his band-mates who recently re-established TG & S, trying to get something together after the death of Torbjörn. There was music that had to be played. What will happen now? I saw the "new" band some months ago and I was stunned. With no disrespect, but they were better than ever. TMG & Joxfield? It's mentioned on this blog the 12th of April, the Self-Unit version featuring TMG's percussion constructions. Less than three weeks ago I wrote him a mail regarding thoughts about re-establishing our collaboration. I knew he was busy with new TG&S music and didn't expect any quick answer, but nevertheless he had written some nice words about our music to me and I thought his playing to our music would be The Right Thing! This didn't happen, will never... R.I.P. Mighty Thomas! O & Y