Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shit Bloody Shit ! ! ! - Thomas is Dead ! ! !

Not only being legendary co-founder of Träd Gräs & Stenar, Thomas Mera Gartz was also a masterful wizzard with the rhythm sticks, one of our favourite psych-trance-space-rock percussionists ever. A couple of years ago TG & S unexpectedly lost their bass-player Torbjörn Abelli and today I did get the news that Thomas unexpectedly as well has past away, getting rapidly ill on Saturday, dying on Sunday. It's big loss not only for family and close relatives, but also to the music world, especially his band-mates who recently re-established TG & S, trying to get something together after the death of Torbjörn. There was music that had to be played. What will happen now? I saw the "new" band some months ago and I was stunned. With no disrespect, but they were better than ever. TMG & Joxfield? It's mentioned on this blog the 12th of April, the Self-Unit version featuring TMG's percussion constructions. http://oaxofjoxfield.blogspot.se/2012/04/unique-rarity-joxfield-projex-guested.html Less than three weeks ago I wrote him a mail regarding thoughts about re-establishing our collaboration. I knew he was busy with new TG&S music and didn't expect any quick answer, but nevertheless he had written some nice words about our music to me and I thought his playing to our music would be The Right Thing! This didn't happen, will never... R.I.P. Mighty Thomas! O & Y

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