Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Vacation.......


Or That

But Definitely This

The Joxfield ProjeX Office closes down for a month.
Urgent need of our wise words?
Try oax.joxfield@gmail.com and see if anything happens....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

RIP Hugh

Hugh Hopper 29 April 1945 - 7 June 2009
Memories.... Facelift... Virtually.... Kings & Queens....
The fuzz bass is no more. RIP.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Virtual Dreams & Realities (ca269)


Uploaded now at Clinical Archives netlabel for free and legal download.




Here's the info:

‘Virtual Dreams & Realities’ is a one-track suite in various parts. It consists of various elements of played and improvised music as well as parts constructed from patterns from the Joxfield ProjeX vault. The suite has also loads of samples, both from own sources as well as foreign. Some re-worked, very old parts has its origins from recordings made in the late 1890s.

‘New August Sense Of Ease And Peace’ is Joxfield ProjeX-goes-dancing. All of it consists of samples from own and foreign sorces. It’s possible to dance to it.

01 - Virtual Dreams & Realities - 42:44
00.00 - Starter
04.00 - Y 1 Pattern
12.50 - The Inbetweener
15.05 - Hell Jazz Industry
20.22 - The Bridge Egdirb Eht
22.18 - Y 2 Pattern
24.23 - Close To The Temple
29.26 - Sigm Und Freud
36.20 - Climbing Fuji
41.23 - Do It All Over Again
42.44 - Conclusion

02 - New August Sense Of Ease And Peace - 9:38

Sounds, visions, proceedings & production by Oax & Yan of Joxfield ProjeX
Powered by Tin Can Music 2007 - 2009

Joxfield ProjeX is a duo of Oax and Yan.
They are mostly playing guitars, keyboards as well as basses and programmings of various rhythmic patterns suitable for whatever necessary. They also love to add peculiar sounds to their music, beautiful and annoying. The last two years have been very creative with recordings of music for about ten albums, of which this is one.


Friday, June 5, 2009

The Book I Read : Japrocksampler by Julian Cope

Soon finished with Julian Cope's 'Japrocksampler', just the Author's Top 50 section left to go through.
The book is true inspiring. The reason for me to read it was not only deep respect for Cope as both a very interesting musician, always pointing forward, but also a personal and good author. The previous 'Krautrocksampler' is just an example. Through my discovery of the psychedelic etc world of Acid Mothers Temple, Boris, Boredomw, Merzbow + various related for about five years ago my interest of what's happening in Japan these days increases. And with that increasing I also gets more and more interested in What Was Before.
After some introduction chapters about Japanese post-war experimental and avant-garde music development the book focuses mostly of the psycedelic/space/improvised/free-form/etc scene of late 60s 'til mid-70s by chapter-wise short biographies of bands like Flower Travelling Band, Les Ralliezes Denudés, Speed,Glue & Shinki, Taj Mahal Travellers, JA Caesar, Far East Family Band and others.
With his knowledge, good research (= ruin himself by getting the VERY HARD TO GET albums by these artists most people didn't want to know of at the time) and personal approach to both language and content this book is a really good reading and also very inspiring. But, as I just said, the music of most of these groups a rare and very hard to get, no matter what price you're ready to pay. But maybe something will hopefully will happen in the future.

This one, a two-hour long free improvised drone/etc recording from the Modern Museum in Stockholm 1971 is not only one of very few existing releases available from the band (it wasn't released until lately), it's also acclaimed as one of their best performances during their career. In my mailbox next week. Something for the dark nights at Camp Brana.