Monday, March 23, 2009

In My Letterbox...

A couple of days ago, in my letterbox, a little package with Jonas Kullhammar Quartet's 8 CD Box Set 'The Half Naked Truth'.

Today, in the same letterbox, Daevid Allen's 'Gong Dreaming 1', the history and the mystery of his years with Soft Machine and the early years with Gong... Part 2 to come soon.
The future looks bright

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

True Support

One of our BIG SUPPORTIVE HEROES is Jerry at Aural Innovations.
Newly you could read this message from his Space Rock & Psychedelic Radio Station:

"Hear Joxfield ProjeX on the new edition (show #213) of Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio."

And you'll find "ORIENTAL FLIP FLOP" from Joxfield ProjeX future release PHANTASTIQUE, SIDE A & SIDE B, a virtual LP.
Check the station at...


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Omar Rodriguez-Lopez' 'Calibration' on the stereo.
Just a really nice and modern psychedelic album.
Lend it an ear.
More interesting alone than with his Mars Volta

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's not always neccessary having everything in extended concepts.
Joxfield ProjeX' Virtual EP "Death of a Sirloin Steak" consist only of the 9 minutes title track + as a "B Side" the lengthly version of "As conceptual As..."
It's very un-noisy, it has its sublimity, its stillness and it's living its life in the terratories between music and none-music, and I really like it.
If I may say so.
Let's see if it will be released somewhere sometime.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On A Monday Evening...

This is the place where you can spend some time a monday evening i Gothenholm Stockburg.
The iDEALIST Joachim N arranges some openminded mindblowers.
First the wonderful, expressive Italian Jooklu Duo with Virginia Genta blowing her lungs in and out on saxes/flutes/rizzlerazzles while David Vanzan's intense drummings washes the floor like a Tsunami. Impressive.
Magnificent free jazz.


What can I say?
When Donald Miller first touches his guitar and all you hear is a SCREAM of sounds from the underground, immediately hit by Jim Sauter's and Don Dietrich's frantic tenorplaying. Constantly, breathless.
If J Duo was a Tsunami this is the energy of a dwarf planet concentrated, it's like all earthquakes gathers as one, it's..... yes, it's.
The floor starts bleeding, the walls expands. It's music, it's not music, it's music... Constructed, de-constructed. And then the guys turns their sax clocks to each other, like two satelites docking each other, and the sound from each saxophone expands into something.... what?
Energy is the word. Two lengthly tunes.
I almost never stick my fingers into my ears when listening to live music, but here I had to. And still the sounds did hit me as if it was from trucks crashing right in front of me.
And it was wonderful TakeNoPrisoner - NoCompromise noise, loud as hell, but also became ambient in some way. A physical drone.
And unconsciously you starts think about music/sounds/noise from a philosophical point of view, where one starts and ends, where the other takes over, starts and ends, and on and on.

Then home to sleep.
Bells where ringing...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just An Important Album Pt 6

On this very typical March day, while eating my breakfast, while watching through the kitchen window how the snowmixed rain is pouring down outside, I chose to put on some Brian Eno records on the player.
And how much I realized the importance of 'Another Green World' and 'Before And After Science', their wonderful mix of strong melodies, gentle ambiences, well sung and played, this none-musicain Brian Eno has a wonderful, gentle voice - I love escpecially when he uses it for the harmonies - and he's also a magnificant player, no matter what he say himself. Both records have great production by Eno and Rhett Davies.
Even though there was a two year span between them, for me they have always been connected, almost as if they were a double set, and very often when I play one of them I also paly the other one. 81 minutes of genius.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just An Important Album Pt 5

When sitting here listening to Aphex Twin's great "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" I realise how many of all those ambient/techno/etc records that probably never would have been made if it wasn't for the ancestors. Fripp & Eno and those, of course, all the way back to Satie and others.
But, on machines, I cannot think of anyone more important for me as a listener than the old guys in Tangerine Dream whos records until mid-70s were magnificent.
In 1974 I bought "Phaedra", really a landmark for me as an appreciater of ambient sounds with discreet rhythms here and there. It was spellbinding. Long, silent pieces of sounds and music, low volume, but so full of inspirational stuff. Sometimes when things get quiet you're forced to concentrate on what you hear and the audio experience gets even bigger than if it would have been loud as hell.
A while after that I bought the 2 LP set "Zeit", a none-rhythmic ambient masterpiece with for side-long tracks. It was like entering into surreal none-existing landscapes. You could hear it, but was it there?