Monday, January 30, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX - Nothing But Industry EP

Industry Forever by joxfieldprojex

This teaser is the opening track from Joxfield ProjeX' soon-to-be-released 4 track EP "Nothing But Industry";
Industrial reflections, a nod to Sartre, a couple of surrealistic haikus and finally some enviromental curses. Is it serious? Of course it is, it's Pop Music!
All on Tin Can Music Netlabel, as cheap and as easy to get as the air you breathe.
More info to come soon...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oax Pick - Sun Ra Arkestra

Sun Ra Arkestra "Shadow World" West Berlin
Too good to be true. Just needed something bright for tonight.
Sing-a-long, boys n girls!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

VoxLuxRabax - The Review!!

On the great Recent Music Hereos blog you can read some very nice words on our latest release:

Joxfield ProjeX - VoxLuxRabax (2011)

"/Krautrock, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Noise, Ambient, Improvised music, Noise rock, Ambient noise/

Comment: the unsung juggernauts of krautrock and the champions of avant-prog/experimental rock are back with their brand new heavy one. The first impression of mine is that the Swedish duo seems to be so loud and defiant as never being before. There are up 4 tracks, first time after a while not being issued on Clinical Archives. However, these long-running compositions are filled in with the shards of abrasive sonic metal and razor-edged smithereens, thereby challenging the eminent noise concept of rock done ever before - from My Bloody Valentine`s charming guitar noise and The Jesus & Mary Chain`s dirty feedback-centered resonation to harsh, obsessive concepts of Fushitsusha, and Gerogerigegege and, on the other side, (Le) Fly Pan Am`s (N`Ecoutez Pas) arty noise episodes and post-rock-mixed vistas and Borbetomagus` free jazz-relied improvised noise. Furthermore, the second part of the 3rd track/part (Ola & The Jugglers) does have managed to acquire a highly rhythmic template below the shrieking massives of guitar riffs and "indecipherable" sort of trash (you can perceive even fusion-alike progressions emitting out from it!) and the closing development Cats Sing Strange Songs fuses some sorts of experimental tendencies into glacial glow-hued ambient music. The result is as powerful as JP`s aspirations proclaimed on a handful of the albums before, though, this times having a little different point of view and galvanized aspect. However, you can call it even the kind of white metal, because of its enormous, braw shape (though having more frantic impetus within it). Well done, Oax, and Yan."

Of course we thank our favourite guy Kert Semm a lot for his very generous review of our music, it's people like him that makes us want to go on doing weird sounds like these, keeps us on the track.

The original source:


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fire Orchestra ! ! !

Friday January 13th 2012.
No bad luck in sight - But Fire Orchestra!!! Yes!!!
Playing the 1 hour piece 'Exit'
Live @ Fylkingen, Stockholm.
29 musicians joining in, playing the new piece EXIT! with lyrics by Arnold de Boer (Zea, The EX)
Attack & beauty.
A mighty nice event visited and appreciated by Yan & Oax, The Dynamic Duo.
Also nice saying Hello to Jocke, the iDealist, as well as Koloni-Christian, people who makes the ordinary life a bit more beautiful, less complicated.

After that the evening was fullfilled by visiting Soldat Svejk, the genuine Czech pub, spending hours by their beer taps...


Christmas Bye-Bye

December 21st 2011 - Christmas tree

January 15th 2012 - Empty floor

Today Christmas was cleaned away from the appartment.
Pity: A little darker and less colourful.
Happiness: One step closer to springtime and summer.
Feels good.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pedantic Pedestrian / Joxfield ProjeX - Peace Bit XIV Video

Pedantic Pedestrian / Joxfield ProjeX - Peace Bit XIV

This is a video of a couple of years of age. I thought it had appeared on this blog before, but I'm probably wrong, so here it is.
It's made by our old friend Pedantic Pedestrian from a remake/remix of some Bits & Pieces tracks he once did and here he explains the video himself:

"This piece of music is assembled from samples of "Bits & Pieces #1-13" (hence the title) by Scandinavian friends Joxfield ProjeX. The accompanying video is likewise constructed from readymade stock footage (from the MAGIX concern), subjected to various treatments"


Friday, January 6, 2012

Reflections on Keith Tippett's Ark, Fire! Orchestra & Stuff

13 days since Christmas Eve, the Christmas tree still looks great, not a needle on the floor.
Sitting by the kitchen table, writing some diary notes, looking out trough the window, the sky is all blue, it looks a bit cold outside, no snow, but a beautiful winter day in this normally rainy city.
The music that recently has been played is the 2LP version of Keith Tippett's Ark "Frames - Music for an Imaginary Film", a FANTASTIC album with as well FANTASTIC players (Keith Tippett, Stan Tracey, Elton Dean, Trevor Watts, Brian Smith, Larry Stabbins, Marc Charig, Henry Lowther, Dave Amis, Nick Evans, Maggie Nicols, Julie Tippetts, Steve Levin, Rod Skeaping, Phil Wachsmann, Geoffry Wharton, Alexandra Robbins, Tim Cramer, Peter Kowald, Harry Miller, Louis Moholy, Frank Perry - Homage to all of them!). Jazz (or "jazz?") composition can't be much better than this. It invites to improvisation and collective joy.
But the reflection goes: Why are there so few of them, these compositions for big ensembles? And I'm not talking Big Band jazz. Ok, it might be a matter of time, money and lots of grey hair (for the composer/director), but nevertheless, why are there so few of them?
Do I have any answer? Of course not.

Which brings me to next Fridays event at Fylkingen, Stockholm, where Fire! Orchestra will bring something to us. The core of Fire! (Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling & Andreas Werlin) will lead (or maybe like Miles did, Directions by...) an ensemble of about 30 people coming from highly skilled improvisation, jazz, psych, etc scene of Sweden.
Where to put the expectations? Well, maybe a bit unfair to the involved (they're only humans, aren't they?), but the expactations might be a bit sky high, or at least close to the tree tops, the star of the Christmas tree, or where you put it yourself... Whatever it will be, I hope they record it.
And the two bums of Joxfield will be sitting there in the audience...


Jazz - Two In a Row - The Genius of Lars Gullin

Danny's Dream - Lars Gullin 1951-1954 (Metronome 2LP)

Manchester Fog - Lars Gullin 1954-1956 (Metronome 2LP)

Tired of harsh aural moments? If so, but still ready for some attention, concentration and some good music, here's what you should go looking for: Lars Gullin (1928-1976), the genius Swedish barytone sax player. As often with great musicians like these they lived all too short, but left footprints bigger than any shoes could fit into. Majestic!
I don't remember if these two 2LP sets have been released on CD, but they are not too hard to find on vinyl for ok price. Much funnier that way!
And it's not any coinsidence that Mats Gustafsson's band Swedish Azz pays their tribute to Swedish treasures like Lars Gullin, Lasse Werner, Färnlöf, etc etc.
They can't be wrong, can they?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oax Pick - Hills' Laid-back Psychedelic Music

Hills - s/t (2009)

Hills - Master Sleeps (2011)

After a couple of hectic weeks with Christmas and New Year stuff, including the hysteric music circulating around during days like these, it's finally time to lean back in the sofa, put on some cool music.
The pick this time is the excellent psychedelic space rock band Hills. Even though they do have their roots elsewhere it seems like they've settled in our nice hometown Gothenholm Stockburg. And we fully enjoy their laid-back psychedelic music.
Their self-titled debute is a great one, but even greater is the next to come, Master Sleeps. There are various versions of the albums, but we prefere the LPs on Intergalactic Tactics Records. Right into our hearts!