Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oax Pick - Hills' Laid-back Psychedelic Music

Hills - s/t (2009)

Hills - Master Sleeps (2011)

After a couple of hectic weeks with Christmas and New Year stuff, including the hysteric music circulating around during days like these, it's finally time to lean back in the sofa, put on some cool music.
The pick this time is the excellent psychedelic space rock band Hills. Even though they do have their roots elsewhere it seems like they've settled in our nice hometown Gothenholm Stockburg. And we fully enjoy their laid-back psychedelic music.
Their self-titled debute is a great one, but even greater is the next to come, Master Sleeps. There are various versions of the albums, but we prefere the LPs on Intergalactic Tactics Records. Right into our hearts!

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