Friday, January 6, 2012

Jazz - Two In a Row - The Genius of Lars Gullin

Danny's Dream - Lars Gullin 1951-1954 (Metronome 2LP)

Manchester Fog - Lars Gullin 1954-1956 (Metronome 2LP)

Tired of harsh aural moments? If so, but still ready for some attention, concentration and some good music, here's what you should go looking for: Lars Gullin (1928-1976), the genius Swedish barytone sax player. As often with great musicians like these they lived all too short, but left footprints bigger than any shoes could fit into. Majestic!
I don't remember if these two 2LP sets have been released on CD, but they are not too hard to find on vinyl for ok price. Much funnier that way!
And it's not any coinsidence that Mats Gustafsson's band Swedish Azz pays their tribute to Swedish treasures like Lars Gullin, Lasse Werner, Färnlöf, etc etc.
They can't be wrong, can they?

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