Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Too Much

A new week, another day... eehhr... but, wait... The week isn't new and the day... well.
Life goes on and what to report? Eeerrh...

Last Saturday I went to MW's 60th birthday party. During the evening and the early night a lot of snow was falling, so when it was time for me to take my bike home from the railway station of the city in the middle of the night I found something like....

But, what the heck, it was just to start my journey home.... Just me and a couple of cars..

The rest of the weekend and the following days, after work, I continued with improving the sound quality for the Joxfield future releases PICNIC and BITS AND PIECES # 1 - 13 (More about that later...)

And then came the sun, than came the plus degrees Celcius, then the sun went away and this morning the rain is pouring down. And I really mean POURING DOWN.
Just an ordinary winter development on the Swedish Westcoast. Gosh!!!


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