Friday, February 27, 2009

Not A Calm Evening

Yesterday evening Yan arrived for a short stay for a couple of days.
Usually he arrives about 11 PM after driving with his wife from Stockburg Gotholm, but this time he surprised me by arriving a couple of hours earlier.
My calm-evening-watching-TV-from-my-favourite-place-in-the-sofa was sabotaged.
"WHERE IS IT?", was the first thing he said.
"What?" I answered.

he said.
"Oh, on the balkony" I said.
Just a few minutes later:
"AND THE REST!!!" he demanded.
"?????" was the look of my face.

, of course" he said.
I just had to go and get it.
And then there was a couple of hours drinking, listening to Oax-Goes-DJ stuff
(= psychedelic, old, new, noise - even Yan had to agree Merzbow have some qualities ....)
and not too few of oddities from the Joxfield ProjeX' mythological vault.
Late to bed.
Early up, away to my daytime job.
From the inside of Yan's bedroom I could hear some deep

A bit tired because of too little sleep, but at least I'm happy not feeling like

Later today

will arrive. He's good at cooking and I think there also will be some beers, booze and Muzak tonight.
Life repeats itself sometimes...


  1. What kind of drink is Talkisher? Is it some kind of scotch?
    Where I am now, booze is not allowed. However, a few days ago, a libian/brazillian guy that lives here, got us a few beers called Golden Brau (imediately reminded me The Stranglers hit Golden Brown). Wish I could be there with you (and I wouldn't care about the swedish cold).
    What should I expect from your meeting... a dark,psychedelic,jam session-turned-into-another great album?
    Greetings from Tripoli.

    Take care

  2. Hi José!
    Nice finding you here.
    "What should I expect from your meeting... a dark,psychedelic,jam session-turned-into-another great album?"
    Noop, no music was done, just eating and drinking (and drinking) and listening to loads of stuff, both JoxProX and others...
    As we're having new music for about ten albums almost finnished it's better trying to release some of it someplace before making new.... but, on the other hand, you'll never know.
    Talisker is Scottish single malt whisky from the isle of Skye - a really good one, rather common on the most European airports (even though it's a bit expensive). Try it sometime.
    'Til next time:
    B Hugs and all that.