Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Changes, changes, all these changes...

For all of you devotees who cares about the really important stuff in life, like what's happening to the infamous Joxfield ProjeX, this is something for you:
A while ago MySpace made a new design of all their sites. Yes, that also included the infamous little combo as well.
As a result of that extreme make-over there was some useful links that disappeared from the front pages of our sites.
So, if you urge for reaching our various musical spheres just follow the links below.
And don't forget our beloved, befriended hero brothers Ambient DarkWhite.
Our main source, the place for the most recent stuff
Our space for ambient music and other related stuff, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.
We're not much of singers, but this is the place for some of our vocal music, maybe the most commercial side of Joxfield. Or not.
Once our space for old stuff, but since long it has been the space for our side projex and since very long it's the same bits n pieces filling the player.
This is the place for the mysterious, cult, hero brothers Ambient DarkWhite. Not too much happens on this site, but when it does, be sure to be there because it's interesting. The world stops, everyone attend: "What's in the air today? Ohh, I can feel it, there must be some new Ambient DarkWhite music around!!!"


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