Friday, December 30, 2011

Oax Pick - Tarfala Trio - Syzygy

Tarfala Trio - Syzygy (NoBusiness Records 2011, 2 x LP + SingleSided 7")

Anyone who didn't think you needed some great music the days between Christmas and New Year? If so, you're wrong, very, very much wrong.
Here's a mighty majestic 2LP + ½ 7" album by Tarfala Trio - some of the best improvised trio music you can get these days.
Mats Gustafsson blows his horns, Barry Guy speak to his bass like he (or it?) was God and Raymond Strid, ahh, Raymond Strid, what a percussive master he is - whatever he can't do with percussion has not to be done at all.
Four side-long tracks (+ the single-sided 7"), recorded live in Belgium and released in a most beautiful package, including a 12" photo-book, by the high quality Lithuania label NoBusiness Records.
Yet another day has been aurally saved.

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