Friday, December 23, 2011

Oax Pick - Alternative Christmas Album # 8 a,b,c & d - Eric Burdon & the Animals

Eric Burdon & The Animals - Winds of Change (1967)
Eric Burdon & The Animals - The Twain Shall Meet (1968)
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Every One of Us (1968)
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Love is (2 LP 1968)

This is one of the world's most underestimated band ever in my personal opinion, and when the book of rock and psychedelic music is written over and over again the band is often sadly overlooked. And it's a shame because the were so bloody good. Four albums (5 LPs) in little more than one year - and what a year!
Some of the tracks might be a bit dated, but most of them are classics amongst Joxfield friends and families. And God! how drunk we were when we tried to dance to some of them in those days.
The band? EB, of course, but also Berry Jenkins (drums) from the old Animals, and then added with Vic Briggs (guitar - the powerful attack-riff on Sky Pilot - it's his!), John Weider (guitar, violin) and Danny McCulloch (bass). For EOoU Zoot Money (keys, vocals) was added and for Love Is VB and DM left, Andy Summers joined (guitar - his 5 minutes solo on Coloured Rain is one of rock history's Top 10 guitar excesses).
A good bunch of albums to spend the day before Christmas Eve.

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