Thursday, December 22, 2011

Aaaahh - A REAL Joxfield ProjeX Xmas Gift

Fridge Leftovers Comes Alive by joxfieldprojex

First came the rain, then the snow, just like an ordinary Swedish winter.
This is an un-released track from the infamous 2009 Novemeber Session at Camp Kolpebo. A week-long day and night session. The result became a lot of rough mixes of 4 hours of music, sounds & visions.
Four of the tracks found the daylight on the VoxLuxRabax album this year.
Find it for free here:

One of the plans was also to record a kind of pop music album during that session, Captain Solar Disk Cocooning (in the Joxfield ProjeX way (which means not THAT much pop)), a collection of tunes mostly with vocals. 'Fridge Leftovers Comes Alive' is one of these tracks, a bit jazz influenced.
Yan: Basic pattern, bass, programmed drums, keyboard (including one of the few, but very appreciated moments when Yan flip the keys and becomes a real live musician, which he sometimes pretend he's not)
Oax: Words, improvised sort of melody, guitar, ebow
Recorded live over the basic pattern with just one overdub each.

Open your heart!


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