Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great Christmas & New Year Hip Gong Gift !

New Year Hip Gong by ambientdarkwhite

We'd like to celebrate. The year has come to an end. We celebrate this by presenting an old famous hit by Ambient DarkWhite, 'New Year Hip Gong' a.k.a 'Hip Gong' a.k.a 'New Year Hop Hop' which strictly speaking is Ambient DarkWhite's fabulous remake of Joxfield ProjeX' 'Prince Gong Climbes The Great Wall At Mutianyu', the opening track from our 2006 release Nothing But Sofas. It's also the title track for Memories Of My Illusions blog which you sooner or later will find out when hearing the lyrics of this happy tune...

Merry Joxmas & Happy New Year ! ! !


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