Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oax Pick - Keith Tippett's Ark

Being a fan of King Crimson as well as Canterburians like Soft Machine and such in the early 70's you also came across the magnificant piano player Keith Tippett. His freely floating fingers, atonal gestures fascinated.

When realising he had released some albums with his Keith Tippett Group we just had to check 'em up. "Dedicated to You, but You Weren't Listening' was great and from that one the step into Centipede's "Septober Energy" wasn't long. Four side-long tracks, a short-lived 50-piece big-band of jazz-freejazz-rock. It became an aural classic.

Please, don't ask me to explain it, but for reasons I actually don't know the "follow up" to Centipede, Keith Tippett's Ark and their album "Frames - Music for an Imaginary Film", became a hidden treasure which I discovered last year. Released on Ogun Records in 1978 (OGD 003/004), also four side-long tracks, also a big band, 20 musicians, jazz-freejazz, composed as well as improvised, well-known players like Elton Dean, Peter Kowald and Julie Tippett etc, as well as for me unknown musicians. It's an amazing album and even though it really annoys me that I didn't discover it until reasently it also makes me happy to find out there still are some unheard true tresures left. It brings light into the life of a addictional music lover.
For you who hates vinyl I think it's also realeased on CD


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