Monday, March 5, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX - Discography Part 1 - Dark White Morning

Joxfield ProjeX - Dark White Morning (2 CDR Tin Can Music 2005)

Having a back history of group names like Don & Mac, The Age, Stefan-Olofs Orkester, Viscously Cartilage, Andersson & Ek and others, Oax and Yan, the two members of our little combo took a short break in 1975.
This break happened to last for 30 years.
After a couple of years talking about "Wonder what it would be like doing some music again" finally in May 2005 we brought our simple equipment to Camp Brana and made some unprepared instant composing recordings for a week.
The result became Dark White Morning, a 2 CDR collection, about 90 minutes of music. It's unpolished and raw, almost no editing or treatments, just us playing live in the cold living room of this badly heated cottage. Very amateurish and innocent, but also a very important first step for Joxfield ProjeX.

At the end of the week it was self-printed in about 20 copies and given away to friends (or enemies some would say when hearing the music). Almost no-one heard it. Daevid Allen received a copy and wrote some nice words about it, especially about Day Clubbing, the wild disco rave tune you'll find below.

Day Clubbing by joxfieldprojex

There is no intension to make a physically re-issue of this album, but the curious ones can drop a line to and receive a download zip-file of the album. Put 'DWM' as a subject.


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