Sunday, March 4, 2012

Swedish Azz & Gunnar Lindgren & Gilbert Holmström - Nefertiti 2012-03-02

Mighty Mighty Mighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two days ago Oax n Yan, the infamous duo of JoxProX + MCN, the official president of the unofficial JoxProX fan club + Wolf, ehhr, The Wolf, took our long legs in direction to the legendary jazz-blues-freeform-whatever club Nefertiti to watch and listen to Swedish Azz, Mats G's and Per Åke H's band who pays and plays tribute to known and unknown treasures from the Swedish jazz scene of mainly the 50's and 60's and put it into context of today. This night they were guested by Gunnar Lindgren and Gilbert Holmström, two legends!
The concert lasted for maybe 2 hours, probably one of the 10 best concerts we've ever been at (and I'm talking about loads of concerts over the last 40 years).
The track above is the encore.

Below you'll find Gilbert's composition 'Fåglarna' (The Birds), here played for the second time ever (the first time was on Swedish national radio 1966). An abstract, wonderful composition.

The vids shot by some DaniOost (thanX for this cultural deed) who we didn't notice, but from the angle point of view it could have been us, because it seems to be exactly from the position where we sat...


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