Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another RARITY!!! Dark White House - House Version 2009

This is another true rarity from the Joxfield ProjeX vault.
The last track to be recorded during our first recording sessions at Camp Brana in May 2005 was Dark White House. The beats, the guitar riffs and the synth loops was recorded and then all ideas was completely lost, we were exhausted by this our first 24 hours a day of instant composing and the well seemed to have been running out of water. We were ready to get sober and return to civilization.
But, the basic track was so good, it would really have been a pity to leave it there.
Then, from out of nowhere, an idea came up: "Why not make a Gorecki?". The response was: "????". But, the idea was inspired by the beginning of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony, to start with chords with the dark, low, bass tones and then go lighter and lighter, find a crescendo and then turn back. But, in this tune the crescendo was loads of disonant and atonal key chords. The track was finnished and we did really like it, put it as the last track on disc 1 of the Dark White Morning album.

In 2009 Yan picked up the track again and made a house version of it to fill the dance floors with all these two-left-legged persons, just as us.
It could have been released as a 12" single but never was. Recently it was found in the vault and through this posting now saved to the word.
Get up and dance! Challenge yourself! Unleash!!

Dark White House - House Version 2009 by joxfieldprojex


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