Sunday, March 18, 2012

Endless Universes of Stars and Mountains

Endless Universes of Stars and Mountains by Pedantic Pedestrian

Pedantic Pedestrian sometimes show up with some great music and when hearing sample sources in this great music coming from us we're flattered. We like when people use our music as a tool to develop music of their own, it's nice and rewarding.

The words of his own:

"This is one of those pieces that was months in the making. You know the sort of thing. You record an idea, then forget about it. Then go back weeks later and see if you still like it. Then subject it to a bit of the old 'digital razorblade' if something seems to drag on too long. Then add another new bit. And so on.

It's also an imaginary soundtrack to something or other. Perhaps you can tell me what.

The voice is Lori "CC" Gomez, reciting a piece by Jack Kerouac (plus there's some of her own stuff buried in the "collage" sections). There are also samples of JOXFIELD PROJEX's "Computer #2" from their "Numbers & Letters" album. I wonder if they'll recognise themselves?"

To answer the question: Yes, the beat-masters do.
Great job, PP, spread the wings, continue to fly!



  1. Hi Oax, Glad you like it! (Thinks... I'm sure there's a film in there somewhere...)

  2. Oh, Kevin, there's always a film somewhere, we all know that, it's just to view inside and it shows up

  3. Hi Oax, just to let you know that the "EUoS&M" track is no longer on my SOUNDCLOUD page, so the embedded player here no longer works... ah! but it IS on my BANDCAMP site:-

    There's an 'embed' (and DOWNLOAD!!!) code there if you want to 'update' this posting.

    "Spread the wings", spread the word!
    Minty the PP