Thursday, February 4, 2021

New Tin Can Music logo

It's here!!!
An updated, adjusted version of the Tin Can Music logo.

Big ThanX to Ulrika Andersson for the artistic work.

Tin Can Music! - It may look impenetrable but when you once know how to get into it you might find the efforts well rewarding. Try it!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Etherwink & Larwott - 2 releases! Out today!!!

Etherwink & Larwott – Lägereldsmusik / Campfire Music
(CDR Tin Can Music 2021)
Impressions and inspiration of things that can happen around a campfire.


Etherwink & Larwott – Musik Vid Havet / Music By The Sea
(CDR Tin Can Music 2021)
Impressions and inspiration of things that can happen by the sea and its vicinity.

CDR version can be ordered from Discreet Music from afternoon, January 28th

Digital download from Tin Can Music Bandcamp site


Sunday, January 17, 2021



Årets första albums på Tin Can Music blir ett dubbelsläpp med
En ny combo huvudsakligen från Göteborg.
Väldigt liten CDR-upplaga + obegränsad streaming/download
Ute denna månad!
The first albums from Tin Can Music this year will bed a double release by
A new combo mainly from Gothenburg.
A very small CDR edition + unlimited streaming/downloads.'Out this month!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Joxfield Wish You A Merry Jox-Mas!


In many ways it's been a hellish year for many people around the globe. 

We can't but hope for a better year 2021 to come.

If our music can help cheering you up a bit and make some of the days more bearable you can stream it and listen to most of it for free from our Bandcamp Site here: 

Merry Jox-Mas 2020 & A Better And Happier Year 2021


Monday, December 7, 2020

The Global Researchers. single "Corollarium"/"The Hat"


The Global Researchers as a band constituted in 2020.

Although a new band it should be known that the members have a rich experience from other endeavors for a long number of years.

The band is engaged in stripped down electronica often combined with manipulated voices (occasionally sounding like an electronic instrument).

The number of members in the band varies but generally the members Researcher 1 and Researcher 2 take part.

In December 2020 they made an agreement with Tin Can Music to release their single "The Hat" containing the two pieces "Corollarium" and "The Hat". Corollarium has something to do with a treadmill but to prove what is very unclear at the present. The other title "The Hat" seems to refer to some dialect research, again what dialect and why remains to be further investigated.


released December 6, 2020

Written and performed by The Global Researchers

Researcher 1 : Scapes
Researcher 2 : Transformations

Powered by Tin Can Music 2020

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Release today! "Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery Of Numbers & Letters Revealed"


To celebrate the 10th anniverary of Joxfield's "Numbers & Letters" album, today the 31 tracks, 155 minutes long digital download 4 disc set "Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery Of Numbers & Letters Revealed" is released through Tin Can Music's Bandcamp site.
The album includes original Kolpebo improvisations, first edited versions, basic tracks, all of them previously unreleased.
Featuring Janne Yan Andersson, Stefan Oax Ek plus a lot of guest appearances from Judy Dyble, Geoff Leigh, Pat Mastelotto, Thomas Mera Gartz, Nikke Ström, Kenji Siratori, Håkan Almkvist & Regina Przic.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery of Numbers & Letters Revealed

To be released on November 12th.

"Abstract & Concrete - The Mystery of Numbers & Letters Revealed"

A digital download 4 disc set on Tin Can Music.

"The idea of this 10th anniversary celebration, “Abstract & Concrete – The Mystery of Numbers & Letters Revealed”, came up just because of the fun of it. There is a lot of unreleased material, early Kolpebo improvisations of tunes that later developed into something vastly different. More or less composed material went through radical changes during the process, et cetera. There are also songs that never showed up on N&L, or elsewhere, for various reasons, most of them now forgotten."

Featuring Janne Yan Andersson (JA), Stefan Oax Ek (SE), Geoff Leigh (GL) (England), Judy Dyble (JD) (England), Pat Mastelotto (PM) (USA), Thomas Mera Gartz (TMG) (Sweden), Nikke Ström (NS)(Sweden), Kenji Siratori (KS)(Japan), Håkan Almkvist (HA)(Sweden), Regina Przic (RP)(France)

A01 The First Day (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 08.16 – JA SE
A02 Over & Out (First Vocal Version) 05.27 – JD JA SE NS
A03 The Interior Structure of Computer 8 (Early Edited Untamed Version) 05.42 – JA SE
A04 Modern Sea (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 04.08 – JA SE
A05 In the Garden of Eden (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 09.52 – JA SE
A06 The Entropy Is Strong (The Original Janne Improvisation + Drums) 10.51 – JA PM
B01 A Secret Door (Early Raw Edited Version) 04.41 – JA SE NS
B02 Electric Apple (Early Kolpebo Version) 08.31 – JA SE
B03 Kenji Self-Unit (TMG-Version) 05.01 – TMG SE KS GL NS
B04 Mikrofon (Logitech EasyCall Speakerphone) 2008-04-13 13-34-52 (An oddity) 01.07 - JA
B05 For A Rainy Day (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 11.31 – JA SE
B06 Have I Been Here Before (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 05.10 - JA SE
B07 Over & Out 2009 (Third Vocal Version) 02.08 – JA SE GL RP
C01 S7 (Some JA Sound Testing) 00.15 - JA
C02 Modern Sea (First Edited Version) 04.08 – JA SE
C03 Computer 2 (Early Kolpebo Version) 02.53 – JA SE
C04 Computer 7 (Early Edited Version) 03.00 – JA SE
C05 Computer 8 (Early Edited Version) 05.25 – JA SE
C06 Rough & Tough Audio 02_04 (Guitar Excerpt) 00.39 - SE
C07 Landscape Ahead Git Import (Guitar Excerpt) 00.07 - SE
C08 Dragons Fly in the Night (Single Version) 03.22 – GL JA SE NS
C09 In the Garden of Eden (Early Edited Version) 06.05 – JA SE
C10 El Apple (TMG-Version) 08.32 – TMG JA SE
D01 Shadow in a mirror (Early Unfinished Take) 01.28 – JA SE
D02 S9 (Some JA Sound Testing) 00.15 - JA
D03 Sanity Check (Early Edited Version) 05.05 – HA JA SE GL
D04 No Kroh Poh (First Vocal Version) 04.24 – JD JA HA
D05 Over & Out (Second Vocal Version) 05.30 – GL JA SE
D06 Silent Night (Original Kolpebo Improvisation) 09.56 – JA SE
D07 The Entropy Is Strong (Early Edited Version) 11.05 – JA SE PM
D08 The First Day (JawHarp2 Abbreviated) 00.44 - GL