Sunday, September 18, 2022

Discreet Music & Tin Can Music Distribution


It has come to our knowledge that Discreet Music Online Store had a massive breakdown a while ago - ALL items went missing from the web-site. 

So, if you're eager to find any Tin Can Music stuff - Don't give up, don't despair! Even though it's search motor says "no results" - don´t trust it, the music is there somewhere. 

First of all, check if the seach motor works again

Or, try and send an email to them

Or, try and send a facebook mesage

Further questions?

Following items should be found in Discreet Music:

- Joxfield ProjeX & Cotton Casino - Casino Royal (LP)

- Joxfield ProjeX & Ryoko Ono - Red To Red (LP)

- Joxfield - Red White Black & Pale (CDr)

- Joxfield - Live Joxfield Vol.1 (CDr)

- Joxfield - Crackle & Bass (CDr)

- Joxfield - Convolved (CDr)(Release October 14th)

- Etherwink & Larwott - Lägereldsmusik (CDr)

- Etherwink & Larwott - Musik Vid Havet (CDr)

- Etherwink & Larwott - Musik Från Bråna (CDr)

- Etherwink & Larwott - Musik I Någon Stad (CDr)

- Etherwink & Larwott - En Knytnäve Genom Tystnaden (2xCDr)

- Henry Etherwink - IIa (CDr)

- Henry Etherwink - VIIb (CDr)

- The Jane Henry Experience - Love Songs & Death (CDr)

- A Darkwhite In Ambience - October Mist (CDr)(Release October 14th)

Give it a go! Good luck!

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