Thursday, October 13, 2022

Two new albums out on Tin Can Music today!


A Darkwhite In Ambience - October Mist

When not spending his time as one half of Joxfield, Janne Yan Andersson sometimes makes music on his own using the moniker A Darkwhite In Ambience.

For the last year or two he has been working with sounds and music that could most simply be described as ambient; beautiful reflective piano lines meet dark, mystic, even threatening sounds of unknown origin.

The album is written, performed and produced by Janne Yan Andersson, curated and co-produced by Stefan Oax Ek.

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Joxfield - Convolved

In the whimsical world of Joxfield explorations it’s time to present “Convolved”, a quiet story that puts imagination to the test; what is real and what is only in our heads.

Many people say Joxfield’s music is cinematic, and this is no exception. Soundtracks to unmade films is a worn-out concept, so this is no such thing.

The album comes with a small insert showing the graphic score for Eat Caterpillar, originally titled Stigma Enigma.

Written, performed & produced by Janne Yan Andersson & Stefan Oax Ek.
Cover art paintings by CK Cotton (Cotton Casino)

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Digital & streaming on Tin Can Music Bandcamp.

From tomorrow you can get CDr from Discreet Music

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