Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joxfield ProjeX as a Starter

Found this one today:
Joxfield ProjeX' track "But Nothing Is Really Useless" (from Bits & Pieces ) opens John Tocher's Sadayatana (066) project "Time Zero"
It's a great 3 hour set of constructive ambience put together in a creative and clever way from tracks, or part of tracks, from various artists (like JoxProX).

"This one fashioned from tracks selected at random 10 minutes before show time. Not random exactly but picked via some secret intelligence built into a program I wrote. My way of collaborating with God so to speak.
I like the way it came out. Hope you do too." J Tocher

More info plus free download here:

And the original source is here:

Enjoy creativity in common!


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  1. Even as a confirmed rationalizing atheist, I liked that description of 'random/chance composition' as "Collaborating With God".