Friday, February 3, 2012

Lost Track # 2 - South California Purples - Chicago

Chicago / Terry Kath
Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall 4 LP Box Set
Filled myself with a couple of Taliskers and put this on, let the nostalgia flow over me... but, wait... is it nostalgia? No, no, no... nothing like that even though this album was my favourite Christmas present in 1971, 40 years ago (Mah God! how time flies!)... no, it's much more than that... it's a wonderful heavy riff and even though the original track on Chicago Transit Authority is magnificent in itself, this is a 15½ minutes version that really takes off, leaving Terry Kath in one of his greater moments (and there was a lot of them), sometimes with Robert Lamm treating the organ also very inspring, battling along. A great piece of music by a really talanted band that got lost in AOR hell just shortly after. How could this happen???!!!!

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