Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oax Pick - Neil Young's "Zuma"

Neil Young - Zuma (Reprise 1975)

This guy has been around in my ears for ages. I do really admire the deep integrity of him, how he's been challenging himself, his record labels as well as his audience. He's always been on the tip of his toes, no matter what he's been doing and still do. Some albums over the years has been disasterous in my ears, but nethertheless I respect it, he's just following his heart and in the end he always land in some good direction.
So, when listening to "Zuma" today I realised I just had to write a few words on him. The album is filled with excellent pop music, some country tunes (I'm definitely not a fan of country music, but these are great), some acoustic moments and - finally - the two tracks 'Danger Bird' and 'Cortez the Killer', two slow, beautiful tunes filled with his barbed wired guitar playing which makes the hair on my arms stand straight - oh, how good it is!!!
There are many reasons to come back to this guy...

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  1. That is one Neil Young album that often gets overlooked, but "Cortez" alone is worth the price of admission...

    ...and I DO like his "country" stuff!
    Minty the PP