Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lost Track # 3 - Africa - The John Coltrane Quartet

The John Coltrane Quartet
Africa/Brass (Impulse!)
This is one of few track by Coltrane which he put into an arrangement for a bigger band. It was said that Gil Evans was contacted for doing the arrangements, but it didn't happen, so it went over to Dolphy and Tyner. The track is filled with exraordinary contributions from all the band players. The track is really pointing forward, bringing me to thoughts of Coltrane's "Kulu se Mama" as well to the single note bass of Miles' "Go Ahead, John". Almost any of Coltranes tracks is one of his best. This is as well.

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  1. "Africa/Brass" sounds a lot more... um, focused than "Kulu Se Mama". The latter is more DEMOCRATICally 'free'. But it's one of the great "WHAT IF'S" of jazz... the idea of Gil Evans providing some sort of backdrop for Coltrane at his FREEest...