Friday, February 10, 2012

Oax Pick - The Ex "Joggers & Smoggers" & Fred Frith "Step Across The Border"

The Ex - Joggers & Smoggers - 2 LP (1989) 2 CD (1992)

In 1989 the Dutch avante-punkers The Ex took another step into The Art of Making Interesting Music - they opened up for improvisations, they started experimenting on records and they invited a lot of guests. The result of this can be heard on the wonderful 2 disc album Joggers & Smoggers, a collection of 34 very inspiring tracks of various kind.
I have always loved artists putting together their albums as kind of collages and when listening to J&S my mind slips into another important album of that time that always has made great impact on me, Step Across The Border by Fred Frith.
These two albums do have a lot in common - but they don't know it yet.
Lend both of them both of your ears for a while and you'll find out what!

Fred Frith - Step Across the Border - 2 LP (1990) CD (1991)
It's a wonderful documentary movie as well - Watch it!!!

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