Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unique Rarity - Joxfield ProjeX guested by legendary Thomas Mera Garz

Self-Unit - Version Zero feat. Thomas Mera Gartz

This is the orgininal work in progress version of "Kenji Self-Unit" which in another version finally ended up on Numbers & Letters album.
It features the rare one and only guest appearance by legendary Thomas Mera Garz on drums & percussion. For people who have spend the last 50 years or so in a cave: TMG is the legendary stable-as-a-rock-but-makes-the-music-fly-light-as-a-feather drummer & percussionist of some of the most important psychedelic trance rock bands in Sweden ever: Pärson Sound, International Harvest, Harvest, Träd Gräs & Stenar and countless numbers of others. Thomas nowadays also create excellent music and videos. Go for Meramorr on Youtube and you'll find some other treasures.

Heard on Self-Unit - Version Zero is:
Thomas Mera Garz - Drums, percussion
Kenji Siratori - Voice + author of words
Nikke Ström (Yes, another legend in Sweden, but you who have left the cave already knows that) - Bass
Yan - Spiritual Mind
Oax - Guitars
Music & Production by Oax & Yan 2007 - Powered by Tin Can Music

Self-Unit - Version Zero feat. Thomas Mera Gartz by joxfieldprojex



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