Friday, December 5, 2008

What The Heck Is This?

'Ello Out There!
What the heck is this, the old bum Oax of Joxfield ProjeX goes blogging. Mah God! Does he know what he's doing?
There's a lot for you to think about. I have no answers, I leave that up to you.
And more: Why the heck do he write in English? He, a person who hardly can express himself in his own naturally born language, Swedish?
Well, I might have an answer to that...
It's all Yan's fault. He forces me to do this.
"Go blogging!" he says.
And I wonder why. "Because that's what people do nowadays." he says.
As if that was an answer good enough???
Still: "Why?" I wonder.
"Because you're in a band of which no-one knows nothing and this is yet another way for desperate old bums like us to reach the outer limits of space..."
"Well...." I say.
"And you like to write stuff... diaries and such shit"
"And when we're together you're never quiet, keeps talking all the time"
"Me? Talking?"
"Yes, that's the truth... always talking and talking and talking..."
"Yes yes... I got the message"
To make this conversation a bit edited, I finally agreed to write something, connect my own interest of art, music and litterature etc with our common interest of our little band, Joxfield ProjeX.
Maybe some delicate info about the band might appear every now and then.

Start here:

'Till next: Take care

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