Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Sunday Morning

Still grey outside - like most of the days seems to be nowadays - just the ordinary early winter weather of Gothenholm Stockburg: Grey, grey and even more greyness.
As if this was a surprise?

Anyway, who's interested in the weather, but me?

Yesterday an evening at the house of TC3 and his wife P.
TC3 is the famous foodartist of Joxfield ProjeX, responsible for our bellies growing bigger and bigger during our extended releaseparties.

His food has such a high class that the guys of the little Joxfield combo try to release one track at the time so we can have releaseparties every now and then.

TC3 is a bit shy but asked us to once take a picture while he was fixing something with a drainpipe somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Why? How could I know? Ask him!

They food yesterday was of some Italian origin and it tasted just as it looks - great!

To lighten the greyness of the morning I put on one of the most beautiful albums I know, John Tavener & Chilingirian Quartet - The Last Sleep Of The Virgin & The Hidden Treasure.

The first piece, with the quartet plus additional handbells player Iain Simcock, brings me to moods when I for a couple of days in january 1997 walked around in Venice with the music in my then high-tech / now stone-age Walkman player. The soft, grey, famous Venecian light of the completely calm San Marco bay. The small squares, the churches, the narrow alleys. Beauty out of description.
A few days ago I read about the whole city being set under water because of massive rain and winds.
I guess people visiting the city today will bring other memories with them than mine of 1997.

The hour runs, the morning is suddenly early afternoon and there's stuff to deal with.
Let's go out into the greyness!

Take Care!

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