Friday, December 5, 2008

Just An Important Album Pt 1

Just trying to find out weather I can import a picture from elsewhere or not.
Seems like I succeded.
And don't try to make me explain why I took this particulary album cover.
Or, why not....
Soft Machine's 'Third' is actually one of the most important records in the ears of the Joxfield ProjeX beholders (earholders?).
We both stood there in the record store in 1970 or 1971 and started listening to the first, side-long track, Facelift, and thought it was terrible. Just irregular noise.
A year later we heard it again, but this time it was just a smash hit right into our heads, hearts and stomach. We were ready for it and loved it and constantly sang Ticky Tacky Tickyyy whenever we could, wishing we were Robert Wyatt.
And we loved Mike Ratledge's what we called 'vital monotony', these chord-changes repetitions, and we love the British fusion jazz approach much better than any of the American dito, maybe with the exception of Miles Davis late 60s/early 70s efforts, Elton Dean's playing was brilliant, as well as the guesting musicians, we loved the free spirit moments here and there, we loved the Terry Riley:an stuff, we loved Hugh Hoppers bass-lines, fuzzed or unfuzzed. Yeah, we loved it as much as we still love it.
Definitely an evergreen inspiration for our own making of music.

My copy is the latest CD re-issue (Sony/BMG 82876872932) to which it's added a bonus disc, the famous concert recorded at The Royal Albert Hall 13th August 1970, the one in which Robert W went out for a smoke just before start and then the guards didn't want to let him in because they thought he was a bum or something...

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