Friday, December 12, 2008

Exclusive Joxfield ProjeX Christmas Gift

Exclusive Joxfield ProjeX Christmas Gift

The three lost EPs for Free Download!!!!

This is good news for the Joxfield ProjeX Myspace viewers.

Get it!
Just send an email to and you'll receive a download link (add '3 EP' in the subject field to avoid spam filters)

Here's the neccessary info

Sometimes you need to construct histories to make things more mystic and interesting, sometimes you don't have to do it, the history manages it by itself.
As with these three lost EPs.

While working with the main project Abstract Numbers and Concrete Letters A-Z Joxfield also worked with various Side ProjeX. The first three of them were completely destroyed when the hardware of Oax's computer broke down and no files were able to save.
Some really good stuff was all lost from the computer.
Even though it was an emotional disaster one copy of each completed track was found on burned CDRs. The music was at least possible to listen to even though nothing further was possible to do with the individual files.
This music will probably never ever be released in any other way than for download.
This is what it's all about:


1) Virtual Dreams & Realities 42'44''

A lengthly suite capturing enviromental moods as well as rough psychedelic intrumental excesses. Lots of samples, too, of which the most excusive is the use of the first ever recorded music of Swedish artists in the late 19th century.

2) New August Sense Of Ease And Peace 9'40''

Joxfield ProjeX goes ethno with this wildly sample piece of dance music


1) The Origonal Last First Day 8'18''
2) The 1st Last First Day 5'00''
3) The 2nd Last First Day 6'32''
4) The 3rd Last First Day 8'08''
5) The 4th Last First Day 7'34''
6) The 5th Last First Day 2'30''

The first track recorded during the 2007 Sessions was a fully improvised piece more or less to find out if the technical part of everything worked out fine. It did, but the piece The First Day wasn't what we later made most priorities to when we re-made and re-modeled the various basic tunes. It was put aside for a while.
Late in the process when listening to it again we realised it had its moments and made some really radical variations on themes. It all ended up in a 6-part 'suite', The Last First Day Suite.
The First Day tunes that appears on Concrete Letters A-Z is another re-make of the original files.


1) Leaving Home With Lumbago 35'20''

In january this year one member of the group was suffering really bad from lumbago. With no other alternative than staying at home for a week the creativity awoken and an old idea about re-make and re-model the ThePondIntermezzo track New Frontiers Leaving Home was realised. The track was slowed down and a lot of stuff was added into it and out came this long, dark version.

2) As Close As You Are (re-make re-model) 3'45''

Another idea of re-making a track, this time the heartbreaking love-song from NothingButSofas, which was made into a lounge version. Sussie of Airwaves also heard on vocals and Kenji Siratori makes a short spoken word visit

All in all more than 2 hours of Joxfield ProjeX music for free download and Christmas is saved.

Get it!


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