Tuesday, December 9, 2008

At Home Again

At home again after another day at work.
Turns on the lights, the electric candles by the Advent Calender.
Well, what word is that?
Don't know if it's cute, but it's sweet or nice or... anyway, I like it. Brings me some positiv Christmas feelings inside.

Put on some music, a rather new record by PTV3, Hell Is Invisible...Heaven Is Here.
I like it. Sounds a bit old and new at the same time, rock and Spiritualized post-rock at the same time, some psychedelic parts, some intense mantra-rock parts. Yeah, better then I first thought it should be.

Fried some panncakes with pieces of bacon. Real good taste.

Now, enough of this everyday life babble
Let's get into the Joxfield ProjeX myspace site, there's some friends requests and some messages to take care of.


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